Friday, February 25, 2011

Crista went to Spring Training!

1. I need this job. :D
2. Sunshine a little bright, Tommy? ;)
One day I'll make it to Spring Training. I WILL. Until then, I love reading your stories and seeing your pictures! Crista went a couple of days this week, and below is her story and a few of her pictures. Enjoy!
Okay, so, I gotta say I was a little disappointed this year. I went to a game three years ago and had a great time, went to a work out two years ago and had an extraordinary time and I expected no less this year.

I went two days, the first day was team picture day and we got there kind of early. So my friend Kristi and I just waited around since we got there at about 7 am, unaware that workouts didn’t really start until 10. So they finally came out and had their team meeting and then the position players did their workouts and the pitchers went to the other field. The position players eventually joined them and so we left.

Day two was slightly better. We got there right at 10 and they seemed to be having a fun time, laughing like crazy and stuff like that. They did the same thing that they did the day before, and I was kinda upset. Kristi and I sat around for a while, and then we took the time to explore Champion Stadium, as I’d never been on the second level. While I was climbing to the top, I noticed Huddy working out in right field so I ran over there. Tommy Hanson, Marek, and Linebrink were there too, and I got some pictures of them as well. Eventually, Huddy left but I stayed around for Jonny Venters and Scott Proctor to come over. Eventually, two of my favorites (Beachy and Lee Hyde) came over.

Beyond that, there’s not much to tell. Jonny and Proctor did manage to get a laugh out of me though. Proctor was doing his runs and Jonny was just standing there. And I don’t remember exactly what they said, but it went along the lines of this…
Proctor: What is it? Do the rightys do all the work while the lefties watch?
Venters: Yep.
Proctor: Explains why you only see one batter a night.

All in all, it was great to see my boys again. I’ve definitely missed them. That being said, I think I’m gonna try to go to a game if we go next year.
HA. That's classic. Also, Scott should know by now that Jonny is too amazing to be a LOOGY, but whatever. I love the stories about how this team rags on each other... so much fun. :)

More pictures? Yes.

Freddie on Tuesday. He looks HUGE compared to last year, right?
Wednesday. I shouldn't have laughed at this, but I did. Hee.
Get in that good workout before the 48oz steak, EO. And hi Beachy!
There are more in a Photobucket album here. Check them out! This one makes me sad I don't have CSS anymore - I probably won't get to see that interview with my fave Brave. :(  Oh well... I do love having MLB Network, if you can't tell by my tweets. :)

Thanks again for sharing, Crista!


Emily Sipe said...

I love that in the picture of everyone running there is only one pair of socks up! Then in the proposal picture...SOCKS UP! <3

Lauren T. said...

Sadly baby cuz, in the running pic, I'd put money on those being Chipper's socks. He's rockin' the style this year too. It's not that difficult to see the differences between Chip and JV, though -- I'll show you this summer when we go to a zillion games. :)

McCann Can Triple said...

It looks like Chip to me as well.