Saturday, March 5, 2011

"There was like 10,000 bees over there."

Did you hear about the pause in play in the Braves vs Nats game yesterday?

VIERA, Fla. -- This was a different kind of B game at spring training.

Washington starter Jason Marquis took advantage of the windy conditions to throw three scoreless innings, then ran for cover when a swarm of bees delayed Atlanta's split-squad 6-4 win Friday.

Play was halted for roughly two minutes in the bottom of the third when the bees appeared in center field. They were eventually were blown over the right-field fence by the gusts.

Marquis was in the bullpen when the bees showed up. He ducked his head and took off for the cover of the clubhouse with the rest of the Nationals pitchers.

"There's no need to stay out there and get attacked by some killer bees," he said.

Braves pitcher Brandon Beachy said when home plate umpire Gary Cederstrom put his hands up to call time, he thought he was getting called for a balk.

Atlanta right fielder Jordan Schafer, however, had a closer look. With the bees being blown in his direction, he went down in the dirt along the fence.

"That happened to me when I was a kid once and they said to hit the ground," Schafer said.

"Everyone in their bullpen started running for their clubhouse, so I just hit the ground. I wasn't going to get stung. There was like 10,000 bees over there."
Oh Schafer. Don't get that pretty face blown up. ;)  Seriously though... can we discuss how awful some of the team photos are this year?

Link to 2011 Braves Team Photo Album

I don't know if it's the art direction, or the lighting, or what, but some of the boys... their hair and eyes don't look the right color, shadows make their features look out of proportion, they're posed oddly, or they're simply not as attractive as they are in person.

Guys with an especially good pic in the album: JHey, Prado, Rossy, Myke Jones, Arodys Vizcaino, Wilkin Ramirez, and Rodrigo Lopez.

Guys with an especially horrible pic in the album: Uggla, Kimmie, EO (seriously, I think that's a test shot - his hand is moving), Cory Gearrin (he's so much cuter than those pics), and Matt Young.

And as I tweeted, @PeterMoylan is not right. Hahahaha...

(picture source)
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Keeping in the visual theme, I've been waiting for our annual Brian McCann Weight Loss Article in the AJC. He looked healthy and happy at the caravan stop in Peachtree City, and it was nice to read in this year's article that he's doing his best to stay well for a long career.

Leaner, fitter Brian McCann ready to reach his prime

And I'm sure you've all read the NY Times article on BMac as well, but here's a link in case you missed it...

For Braves Catcher, Quiet Excellence in the Family Business

Here's another NYT article for good measure:

Braves Look Behind the Plate and See a Leader

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Hmm... "Quiet Excellence"... I'm sure you're all tired of me talking about my favorite Socks Up! reliever, but this article was just too good to not link up.

Unassuming Venters set to assume big role
Before facing Venters for the first time, Uggla watched and got the sense that he could gear up against this young left-hander who was seemingly just feeding fastballs to whoever stepped to the plate.

"I was thinking, 'Cool, all he's doing is popping heaters in there. I'm going to cheat,'" Uggla said. "I cheated and the thing went from my belt down to about my ankles and I still ended up swinging. But it was really kind of a slow swing and confused."

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I miss Mike Dunn already. Did we really have to give him up?

(picture source)

Southpaw Dunn impresses in spring debut
Possessing a 95 mph fastball, Dunn promises to factor into the back end of the bullpen, regardless of the hitters.

"He's not going to be a situational guy," manager Edwin Rodriguez said. "He's going to come in regardless."

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Speaking of Braves we don't want to let go, this AJCBraves tweet amused me today. :) Fave Brave Ever!


James said...

EOF's face looks all melty in the first pic of him! MELTY!!!

CABravesFan said...

Sorry! That was me- forgot to log the boyfriend out first

BraveFanHawaii said...

HA! Love that Moylan pic! lol

Anonymous said...

Would you do a straight up Mike Dunn/Dan Uggla swap right now?

Lauren T. said...

Questions like that make me glad I'm not a GM.

Anonymous said...

Really? I would love to be a ML-GM.

But the answer to that question is an easy "no". Uggla's going to contribute a lot more than Mike Dunn (as good as he is) through a whole season.

Lauren T. said...

Mike Dunn was not the centerpiece of that trade. We traded an all-star for an all-star, and Omar will be their starting second baseman. You have to compare apples to apples. :)

Anonymous said...

For sure, Mike Dunn wasn't the centerpiece. I honestly was just trying to see how much you liked Mike Dunn.

I read this blog and I've just seen a lot of love for Mike Dunn. I wasn't too happy to see him and Omar go, but I'd do that trade 1000x over again because Uggla is the dangerous power threat we've needed for years. If you're not too fond of him now, you'll grow to be.

Lauren T. said...

I've watched Uggla since he came up. The point of this blog is that women watch baseball differently, and we take things besides wins and losses and power into account when it comes to deciding whether or not we like a player. I loved Mike when he was here, even though I never met him. Uggla gives me the heebies, and I've never met him either. His hustle helps, but his giant ball of tobacco is gross.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I always feared Uggla when he came up to the plate. Brave killer. That giant ball of tobacco made him look even deadlier. The giant ball of tobacco coupled with the way he wags the bat should intimidate most pitchers.

To guys, it gives off the impression that he's about to tear the cover right off of a ball. But But I guess that's the difference between men and women when it comes to baseball.