Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April DVR cleanup

This is why I don't have ads on the site, so I can share these vids and say, "I'm not earning any money from the site." Which, I don't earn any money and there are a lot of you who live outside the area who don't get to see these... Enjoy!

From Spring Training... Hanson says, "My least fav'rite thing is prob'ly shaggin'." Well that's unfortunate. (Smoltz, Lowe, Hanson, Hudson, Jurrjens)

4.2.11 - "Friendly Competition"

OK, first, why are there 4000 cans behind JV's head? Gross. Second, the alternate imagery of Connect 4 behind Kimmie is kind of hilarious. Third, I sure would love to know who all was back there making him laugh.

4.3.11 - Jacket Slide

Wonder if Huddy's knee strawberry is healed up yet. :)

4.5.11 - Step Up to the Plate started early this year... they talk about food.

Oh. The boys like meat. Shocker. A couple of them chose very boring places, and ONE boy chose a restaurant I rant about. Seriously. Rant. I'll stop talking now before I get in trouble.

4.16.11 - I never get tired of this one singing...

My girls think he should be mic'ed all the time, but then no one would stand beside him!

4.17.11 - The twins are on a More Venezuelans campaign. Here's some Gonzo for you, girls...

4.18.11 - I know he's not the most popular bullpen boy lately, but I'm not giving up on Scott Linebrink yet.

4.20.11 - Beachy's first win! Interview!

I don't own any of this content and don't earn any money from sharing it. Please don't sue me.


MollyG said...

Oh Hanson, I feel ya. I say awkward things like that all the time. P.S. we all love it when you keep your hair and beard short. Its much nicer :)

JJ-“I’m not morning guy.” <3

Jacket slide! Def in the top 3 moments of the year so far.

Step up to the plate makes me happy. Braves, please keep this going.

Rossy went to Auburn? That explains so much. Roll Tide!

So when you referred to us as “The twins” my initial thought was “The Twins have more Venezuelans? I should watch Twins games!” What can I say. My brain is fried from paper writing and its 1:30 a.m.

Sad note, my computer doesn’t like the Gonzo interview and I can’t see it.

And last but not least…Yay Beachy!

CABravesFan said...

Seeing that prank Huddy pulled on Eddie NEVER gets old :D

JJ, I'm not a morning person either ;)
(something else that never gets old? JJ's smile)

My money is on Huddy being the leader of the group that was cracking Kimmie up :D

JACKET SLIDE! I love the still shot- makes Huddy look like he was dropped out of a window and splattered on the ground

Rossy. Mic'd. ALWAYS.

Where do I get my MORE MAC campaign started? ;) (not that you are lacking Mac, just that I can never have enough Mac.)

Beachy! I'm starting to love him.

CABravesFan said...

By the way, as one of those people that doesn't get to watch Braves Live and doesn't always get the Braves feed on my TV, I appreciate beyond words that you take the time to record and post these videos on your blog :D It always makes me happy to see and hear the boys outside of the actual game, whether it's post game interviews, off field stuff, or Rossy singing in the dugout! Thanks, LT :D

Lauren T. said...

CA, I put Mac back in the header! AND I let one of the videos go long so you could see him stretching! That part of the video was for you, specifically, because I knew you'd gripe!

Speaking of the header, it's so lovvey. I love it. The boys need to hug more so I can have a rotating header. :)

Alison W. said...

Ok. Is it just me, or does Tommy have a bit of a southern drawl now? I kinda love it.

Also, I don't approve of the dip, but I definitely approve of the connect 4.

MORE VENEZUELANS. Gonzo's concentrating really hard on this interview. Look at that game face and the squirrelly cheeks!!! <3