Monday, April 25, 2011

I hear the zoo's nice

I've been all around LA, driven through the desert, parked at the Pacific, and stopped over in the San Fran airport but I've never been to San Diego. I really do want to go to the zoo there one day. (Random, when Jenna and I road tripped to St. Louis in 07 we went to the zoo in the morning before the Braves game - it was fun!)

Anyway! Let's discuss a few things about the end of the San Francisco trip, yes?

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#1 Most Important Thing! Jonny got his first save of 2011! Here's the video; how great is his grin!

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DOB's reporting...
Have we mentioned that the Braves have had a good-luck song going the past few days? It’s Eddie Money’s “Shakin’,” and Ross is usually the one singing it in the clubhouse (and dancing a bit to it; if only we had video of that).

I know locker room stuff is private and all that, but boy, would we love to see/hear this. (Also, the girl in this video has some amazingly horrible/"wonderful" 1982 makeup. I think the worst I've ever done is letting my lipstick get a little too red. My hair, on the other hand...) :D

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Back to Braves, and awesome things, my girlfriends are still talking last Sunday's "Sunday School" special on FSN. Check out this video where Beardy Rossy teaches how to pick off a runner at second base -- at least, that's what they say he's teaching us. I'm still stuck on how he says he practices "boom... boom" in front of the mirror.

Yesterday's "Sunday School" was Ske talking about the art of Pinch Hitting. My brother's girlfriend liked his smile. Then I showed her his giant back tattoo, and she got really freaked out. Oops. Have to redo that fandom somehow. (Will post that video when FSN puts it on the site!)

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My nickname for McLouth - "Pittsburgh Nate" - is all over Twitter these days. I don't know what to do with that. It's strange to see something you created get picked up.

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I know I have no say at all, and I didn't like them when they first debuted, but I have grown to love the navy road tops. I like them better than the gray tops - they look better on all the boys, and make everyone look slim (in a nice way - not calling anyone fat). Does the starting pitcher still choose the jersey of the day?

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The header has another few tweaks - I work part-time with a professional photographer, and she helped me with her pro Lightroom to sharpen the pic and rearrange the text in a pleasing way. You should hire her for all your photography needs. She did my profile pic / twitter pic, and I'm notoriously camera shy, so if she got a pic or a dozen I'm happy with, that's pretty amazing. :D


Andy G. said...

I was wondering the same thing about the starting pitcher choosing which uniform they wear on the road. I like the Blue jerseys too, and the all blue caps have become the standard for road games. I don't know if they're even considered the "alternate" caps anymore.

The Sunday School segments are pretty cool. I'll be looking forward to them from now on.

CABravesFan said...

I LOVE the navy! I have heard the starting pitcher at least gets to voice his opinion on the uniform, even if he doesn't get to actually chose it.

LT, I think you should come to San Diego for a game or several. You'd love it- and the zoo is awesome. The experts say it is one of the 2 or 3 best in the world, and it is definitely worth seeing. (plus, it's only 2 hours from ME!!!! :D )

Lauren T. said...

Navy today! Love you JJ!

Andy I think you're right - when's the last time we saw a non-navy cap on the road?

CA, I do want to visit every park at some point. :)

Can I just say... I put up this post yesterday at 7:19 that I wanted to see Rossy singing and dancing to his song. Less than 3 hours later... he was dancing in the dugout on teevee. Surely that's circumstantial, but it's making me feel like I've got some good Braves karma or something. I should start writing more about wins and less about socks. ;)