Saturday, April 23, 2011

Restraining myself from making a Rice-a-Roni joke

Our Braves are in San Francisco, playing Cody Ross' Socks and the rest of the World Series Champs, and I was all prepared to make an entire post about Cory Gearrin's callup (love him!!), but something else significant happened that completely blew Alison and Molly and I's minds. When our closer trotted in last night, we all noticed the same thing...

Getty Images
The chinstrap.

It's gone.

I posted an actual IM transcript in a caption in the last gameday post. (We were doing a 3-way IM while looking at our gameday pics and the discussion of his facial hair came up.) Kimmeh, we're glad you took care of this business on your face. This is much better. ❤

Now, back to other important matters. Cory Gearrin got his callup! (If you've forgotten why I heart him, here's why.) (Also, we went to the same college, though not the same campus.) (Also, he's adorable.) He's wearing #53 and is much thinner than last year's number 53, and he's a sidearm righty.

AJC photo article about the callup.
"He's an arm who can help us get people out," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "We'll use him."
This is what I'm saying! We need two Moylos! One Aussie, one from Tennessee! This could work!

I'll stop being so overenthusiastic now. :)

So, let's talk about something serious... my Jonny's hurty arm. From the AJC on Friday...
[Gonzalez] joked that the Braves couldn’t wait much longer to use their top young lefty, fpr the safety of pitching coach Roger McDowell and head trainer Jeff Porter.

“We have to use him soon, because he’s going to either kill Roger or kill Bubba [Porter],” Gonzalez said, laughing. “I’m staying out of it. He called down yesterday [from the bullpen] about three times. One time Roger just hung up.”

Gonzalez reiterated that Venters’ soreness wasn’t in the elbow or shoulder. Venters said his arm had been sore the day after pitching for much of the season, and more nagging than anything. He’s had ligament-transplant elbow surgery years ago, and said this current condition is neither elbow- or shoulder-related.

“It’s kind of just all over, just generally soreness in my [upper] arm,” he said. “My stuff was still good. It’s not like I was throwing slower; maybe a little bit. I tried everything I knew to change my mechanics, nothing helped. It’s definitely nothing that I’m worried about. I just kind of was tired of throwing with it like that.”
OK, 1. I love your perseverance, and that Roger hung up on you. 2. It's not the end of the world if you don't pitch every day, "Everyday Jonny". It's okay to rest if you're hurty. Listen to your body. 3. Don't lie and say you're 100% if you're not. Yes, you're the best in the bullpen. We all know this. We would love it if you and your socks trotted out there every day, but that's just not possible. Take care of yourself! We're going to need you to hang onto wins in October. ❤


Alison said...

bye chinstrap. Stay away. We like our Kimmie better this way. (And what do you know, he was lights out without it.)

I love the "Lemme in there, Coach" attitude. And I double love that Roger hung up on Jonnay.

Hi Cory Gearrin. I like your crinkly eyes. And I think you need a Hello Kitty backpack.

Lauren T. said...

Yes, Alison and I discussed the rookie backpack possibilities at length. We would like a Hello Kitty backpack. I don't like purple; I like pink.

Lauren T. said...

(Well, lavender is okay. Purple is just my least favorite color. I super-love pink, though.)

flbravesgirl said...

Lauren, you're killing me here. You hate cake & now I find you hate purple too? It's a good thing our mutual love of our boys is strong enough to keep us friends.

Lauren T. said...

How has purple never come up in 5 seasons of Braves Love? No. No thank you to purple. I like pink & orange. It completely blows the minds of the 3-5yo little girls I know. Almost all their moms LOVE purple and HATE pink, so they don't understand how I'm the opposite. I'm a woman! How am I different than their moms!? It's a good learning experience for them. :D

It's okay to be different. It's even better sometimes. :)

(...That could be taken the wrong way. Crap. Let's move on.)

flbravesgirl said...

Odd, most women I know love pink. My mom is crazy about pink. I've never cared for it, even as a little girl ( she did my room in pink, complete with carpet. Ugh.). Ok, color discussion hi-jack over, we now return to your regularly scheduled blog.

Lauren T. said...

My color was green for most of my life. I still love green - I hit my pink stride in my 20s. (...not in a Legally Blonde way.)

Alison W. said...

I am campaigning for purple. Or Magenta. Or classic Hello Kitty red. Classic might be the way to go, really.

Lauren T. said...

Classic Red is fine. Please no purple. Please. Magenta is in the purple family. Hot pink is fine. :D

I like this one, but it probably couldn't be snagged at Target. ;)