Thursday, April 21, 2011

Throwbacks should be in the regular rotation

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I. Love. Throwback. Uniforms. 1980s powder blues, 1940s Boston like today... I don't care. I love them all. Can we replace the Sunday Reds with Powder Blue Saturdays? Those Sunday Reds make my eyes bleed, I swear...

Anyway, the only part that hurt my heart about today was not being able to see our usual Socks Up champion in them, because my boy Jonny's arm was hurty. DOB asked him a few questions, and his short answers here make me don't give me a lot of confidence in the situation. Get a good massage, Jonny! Feel better soon! ❤


MollyG said...

Yes, yes, yes! We love throwbacks! I think I even like these more than the powder blues.

Dear Braves players, (as if they'd see this) take note of your newest teammate Dan Uggla. He knows how to wear a baseball uniform. Love, me.

Lauren T. said...

That was the only decent public shot of the back of the uni. ;) I would have put up one of Kimmeh, because he looked sooo... not tall... but. no pics. Sad.

Alison said...

Throwbacks!! Throwback Saturdays, please. Change it every season, i don't care. But throwback Saturdays, please!!!

Or put it to a vote to "Braves Country."

Sunday Reds? Or alternating Throwback Saturdays? The solution is clear--THROWBACKS FTW. Seriously, Braves PR and Marketing dept. Think about this... think about all the new products you'd have to put out that fanatics (like me) would simply HAVE TO HAVE!!