Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beachy's first major league win!

AP photo
Well it's about time our bats woke up! Beachy has been putting together some great starts and he finally got his win last night in Los Angeles! Below are some more pictures, links, and quotes...

Getty Images photo
AP Photo
Our hero in the 6th inning! AP Photo
I only see lashes here. Another friend only sees lips.
Interesting how that works. Getty Images photo
Freddie gives us a little breathing room with a homer in the 7th!
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Silly Dodgers, you think just because you had some runners on base in the 7th you could score any runs? Ha! No. And just in case you needed a reminder of how dominant #39 is, we're trotting him back out in the 8th to shut you down some more. Pssh. Getty Images photo
He-Man breaks open the game, gets 3 RBIs in two at-bats in the top of the 9th! Getty Images photo (check out the closeup of of catcher AJ Ellis' face, haha)
Time to celebrate!! Braves win 10-1!! AP Photo

Video: Beachy's scoreless start

Video:'s recap of the game recap

AJC story

Quotes in the AJC after the game

On his first major league win

“It feels pretty good. Took a lot longer than I had hoped, but it feels good.”

“I commanded the fastball tonight, and that was key. I stuck with it. Going into the sixth inning, I felt good.”

Do you remember your last win, in the minors?

“Do I remember my last win? No, I don’t, honestly.”

It it easier to stay more focused when locked in a pitchers’ duel like tonight?

“Oh, absolutely. When it’s a tie game or a one-run game, the game can change with every pitch. It’s easy to become complacent when you’ve got a four- or five-run lead.”

More on his performance

“I felt good. I just went right at guys with fastballs, and I was locating it. I felt like I could have gone back out there. I know my pitch count was pretty high; I went full count to a lot of guys early on. That’s something I hope to improve on, not throw quite as many pitches getting to that seventh and maybe eighth inning.”

On working out of jam after leadoff double in fifth

“It was huge. I went after the next guy [A.J. Ellis]. I got ahead 0-2 and tried to strike him out. That worked out.”

On being sent back out to pitch 6th inning despite 100 pitches through five

“I had no idea [pitch count was that high]. I didn’t think I would be done after five. But I was at 100 pitches, that’s awesome [that Gonzalez and McDowell sent him back out]. That’s awesome that I got the opportunity.”

On Venters

“He’s fantastic. I don’t know how anybody hits any ball off him, with that sink that he has. That’s fun to watch.”

On his first win coming at venerable Dodger Stadium

“It’s not a bad place to get your first win. I don’t think anyplace would have been bad for that, but it’s pretty cool that it happened here, with all the history.”

Were you in the dugout during the last inning?

“No. I came up [to the clubhouse], did my workout, got my ice. I watched it. I was definitely watching it. Those last two innings took a long time.”

Congratulations, Beachy!


Alison W. said...

1. Picture 3 freaks me out...
2. Marteen's lash/lips picture is perfect.
3. Jonny looks vaguely Billy Wagner-y over there.... NICE.


MollyG said...

1. Picture 3 freaks me out as well. Do normal arms do that?
2. Marteen's picture is perfect because he's "made of magic". My favorite Alison quote to date.
4.Gonzo has a great smile and Chipper...well I know why you posted that picture and I'm laughing. Maybe he's asking him to come spend the weekend filming buck commander ;)

Lauren T. said...

Pic 3 has to be his sleeve, but pitching isn't a natural motion and that's why so many arms get wonked out. :/

What's wrong with that picture of Chipper? ;D