Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hi Charlie! Hi MattE! Braves still win.

Two of my favorite former Braves are Pirates this year, and I had a lot of people asking if that means I'm a Pirates fan now. Uh, no. DeRo's a Giant, am I a Giants fan? No. I am a Braves fan. ;) But I can cheer for the success of former Braves, right? As long as the Braves still win.

Much has been made of Charlie Morton restructuring his delivery to be Halladay-like. Alison came over to watch last night's game and we tried to come up with a list of pitchers who would be willing to be broken down... we only came up with a few and you know what? That's a tough list. But we love Charlie for being on it.

Here are some newswire pics from last night... hope you all got to see that great game!

Hey JJ
AP Photo
Wonder if Meds is cutting his hair too? I wouldn't want to try...I have a hard enough time styling my curly hair!
AP Photo
Our new ace?
Getty Images
This just looks like a closer crop on the image above.
Look at the grip - is this sort of an open circle-change?
Getty Images
Charlie's another with unfortunate facial hair.
Getty Images
The umpires got this wrong.
Getty Images
Pitching faces interest me. (Cliff Lee's is my favorite.)
Getty Images
See, it's too thin. Don't wear it if you don't have it, please. Maybe you'll have more mustache when you're older, haha.
AP Photo
The "best" part about this was Chipper mocking the fan interfering while waiting on the verdict from the umpires. I'm glad the TV cameras caught it.
Getty Images
Kimmie said, "Yeah baby!", I laughed, and Alison laughed at me.
Alison: You just like that he called him "Baby".
Me: ...Yeah. :D
Getty Images
I don't remember a recent Brave with weirder hair than Tommy has right now. Someone want to help me out? :)
AP Photo
Freddie looks like he's playing bocce ball! Cute.
Getty Images

There are no pictures or videos of the Jonny vs MattE matchup, but here's what MattE had to say on the at-bat. Jonny did his thing, and MattE did his thing. ;)

LOVED the guys making fun of Schafer's helmet in the postgame quotes


MollyG said...

I love JJ and am so happy to see him doing well again.
I hate I missed this game.
I still don't like Jordan Schafer.

Lauren T. said...

Agreed on all counts. Hey, where were you?!