Thursday, May 26, 2011

"He's so awk"

I won't say who said that, but it's a direct quote from a good friend about the pic below. That's former Brave MattE Diaz taking a typical MattE route to the ball yesterday...

Getty Images

There are always awkward pictures, but there were a couple yesterday that grabbed my attention. Let's look at them and say, "Aww..." (because, you know, we never take awkward candid pictures. Nooo.) ;)

Getty Images
Getty Images
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Oh wait, that's not an awkward picture. That's a wonderful picture of Brooksy crossing the plate after his go-ahead homer in the 11th! Way to go Brooksy!!

MikeMinor also had a great re-entry into the majors. He's too good to be in the minors; we just don't have room for all our amazing pitchers!

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Obviously I love every time I hear players talking about how amazing our Jonny is, but to see former teammates talk after facing him is especially fun. Carroll Rogers caught up with MattE and got a nice story for the AJC: Former Brave Diaz sees Venters’ nastiness for himself

The quotes after yesterday afternoon's game are pretty great too: AJC quote page

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