Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Reds 5-27-11

lovely view

I'm three gameday posts behind - Friday, Saturday, and Monday - so this one will be short. Friday's game was a last minute invite and I didn't take a ton of pics. Let's go!

Hanson warming up
so many elbows
Huggla's tobacco ball
He-Man at bat
Sherrill in
Great jumbotron pic!
Hi Mac
Proctor in
Boys on the rail
Jonny answers the phone
"No, you..."
It's not usually a good idea to put the closer in a non-closing situation.
Braves lose

Full Album here. More pics soon!


flbravesgirl said...

Love JV's "I'm in charge here" pose.

Lauren T. said...

Super-love. Eddie was busy! Someone had to answer the phone. :)