Saturday, May 14, 2011

I love Throwbacks. Seriously.

Starting pitcher Jair Jurrjens
AP Photo
Closer Craig Kimbrel
AP Photo
Middle Infielders
Dan Uggla & Alex Gonzalez
AP Photo
Martin Prado at bat
AP Photo via AJC
Our Bunting Catcher, Beardy David Ross
(this isn't a good shot of the uni; I just love him)
AP Photo

The Braves and Phillies wore Negro League uniforms today -- I'll talk a little more about my family and the Atlanta Black Crackers in the gameday post, but I especially like these unis.

I took plenty of pics today and will upload them soon -- lots to edit! :)


amanda said...

Hi!! I can't remember what all I said in my original comment which mean old blogger wouldn't publish but I know it had a lot of 'eeeeeeeeee!' and 'I love throwbacks!' in it. Also, if I were a rich woman I would buy you a certain game used throwback jersey. :D :D :D

Lauren T. said...

A 1983 Dale Murphy jersey? Yes. I will take it. ;) <3