Thursday, June 2, 2011

How "Frenchy" is this?!


Great catch last night, Jordan! I won't lie; I love Mather's reaction just as much as I loved the catch. So joyful. :D

Watch the catch here -- fantastic end to the game and the homestand!


BraveFanHawaii said...

That's a great pic. In fact, if you didn't use the title "How 'Frenchy' is this?!" I would have said Mather's reaction to the catch was very much like this one reaction Franceour had early on in his career when he hit a walk-off homerun off of Chad Cordero and the Nationals. It always stuck to me because it just shows this boyish passion for the game and the love of "the moment", you know?

I haven't been able to watch as many games as I want to out here in Hawaii, but I love Mather and how much he seems to enjoy playing the game. In a way, he's very MattE-like in terms of effort. Maybe perhaps no one can ever match MattE's passion, at least visually, but Mather just looks like he's having fun. It's refreshing to see. =)

Lauren T. said...

We love Joe Mather for all those reasons, B. :)