Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Braves Commercials

The Braves commercials this year are the best. Really, watch!

Mac! Fredi's face cracks me up.

Heyward! Freddie steals the show on this one...

Prado! "It's gonna be sunny sky over the Turner Field today." While that's my favorite line, my favorite scene is him being the stadium announcer. It looks like he's really booming it out! How can anyone not love him?!

(Interesting tweet from MLB.com writer Chris Cox. Of course. Of course. We know how he does.)

Chipper. I remember reading or hearing somewhere, when this one came out, that while they were shooting it he was actually coming close to actually hitting the clays. Not surprising at all! He is very good at baseball.

Huddy & DLowe! This commercial has been out for a while and it still makes me giggle every single time. "Lemme see yours." "You wanna see this thang?" [big grins] They know what it sounds like. :D

"Very impressive...very impressive." "That's right."

(And look! JC's the catcher!)

Wonder if there are any more? Prado, Chipper, and the Heyward homer commercials are the only ones I knew about pre-season, so Mac and Huddy/DLowe were a surprise. If there are any more, I'm sure they'll be great. Gold star, whoever put these together. :)

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