Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Custom All-Star Shirts available at MLB Shop!

Look what you can make at mlbshop.com!


Remember how I said I wasn't buying another shirt with a player number on it? Well, this one? I want this shirt. And I want this one, too:


They also make Mac and Chipper, obviously...

I do not need any more #16 shirts. I have sooo many. :D
Do not want. But the snakeskin looks really cool!

You can make your own here: mlbshop.com They're $36.99 and I'm so sad I won't be getting a girly-shaped one... you can see the size chart here and yeah. I would have to get a man-shirt, and that would not be as cute. (One day I'm going to write a blog post ranting about how difficult it is to find cute Braves gear when your top shelf is not small. It's almost all juniors-sized or plus-sized, and I'm not apple-shaped, with the fat belly and the skinny legs! Grr.)

Anyway! If you get one let me know! Alison just called and I told her about these...

Alison: What happened to not buying another player shirt EVER except Dale Murphy?

Lauren: But... it's such a good color! And the snakeskin looks so cool. And JONNY IS AN ALL-STAR. Of course if Kimmie becomes a last-minute All-Star I'd have to get his shirt too. It's only fair.

Alison: ...I don't know what to say to that.



MollyG said...

Jurrjens all star shirt?!?! I need this!

JJfan8549 said...

@MollyG: Me too!!!!!

Ariana said...

I had no idea you could get customizable all-star shirts!!! Aww..I love it!! :)

Lauren T. said...

...Just bought it. I bought the girly-shaped one, too, and I'll have to have it altered a little. (What is wrong with me?!) :D