Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More 2011 ASG goodies

Promised more if I could find more, so here we go! Let's start with some boys in trucks, yes? You can enlarge some of these, but none become wallpaper-sized.

Getty Images / Yahoo

Items on Mac have not been as abundant as in years past, in spite of him being a starter. Sorry about that. I know y'all love him. This is the only picture I've seen of him in his truck.

...I know.

anthonyamobi / Flickr

When I posted the KTAR pic on our blog's Facebook page, a sports photographer commented, "Get voted to the All-Star game, you get a ring and a free blonde!" Heh heh. I'm sure JJ knows her! Enough to put her in his truck, anyway! :D

ETA: JJ's girl is the reigning Miss Georgia USA Kaylin Reque. NICE, JJ!

Speaking of blondes, how cute is Kimmie's girlfriend, and how great is her dress or outfit or whatever it is? I love it. And I love her ponytail. Smart girl -- it was probably mega-hot.

anthonyamobi / Flickr

anthonyamobi / Flickr

It appears Jonny was the only Brave forced to share a truck this year. That's his sign with Victorino's face.

Victorino again. Back of Jonny's head, side of Mrs. Jonny. AP Photo / Yahoo
anthonyamobi / Flickr

Jonny and Mrs. Jonny and Baby Jonny! Aww. :)

Here are a couple of Media Day interviews (this guy only had interviews for our bullpen boys, none for our starting battery)...

One last article - Jacoby Ellsbury didn't like facing Braves pitching. Not even a little. :)

Original ASG linky post, in case you missed it. Thanks to G and P and J for contributing!


flbravesgirl said...

The media seem to be the only ones who don't know Mac is good.

It's so funny for me to see them in dress clothes.

Lauren T. said...

I love seeing them in dress/street clothes.

...Unless they have sparkles. I don't understand men in sparkle-y shirts and pants. Are you on ice skates? On stage? No? Then why are you so shiny right now. ;D

Lauren T. said...

(Gay = OK)
(Latin = I hear you when you say it's a cultural thing, but I still don't think it makes you more attractive.)

amanda said...

Look at JJ all stuntin with his suit and blonde girl. <3 So proud for all our boys. <3

Lauren T. said...

Amanda, I totally started singing "stuntin' is a habit" just now (Yung Joc's It's Goin Down, not the David Banner song). :D

MollyG said...

Can I just be a total gushing girl for a second (as if that's different from any other comment I make here) and say that JJ is looking mighty fine in that suit! Seriously, that is a good look for him. So glad he's finally getting recognition for being awesome. And I'm sure he had no problem getting whatever blonde he wanted for the ride :)

Lauren T. said...

...Or brunette or redhead or whatever other color hair he wants. :D I'm sure JJ has no problem with the girls. He's quite charming!