Monday, July 25, 2011

Well, some nice pictures came out of the road trip

So glad the boys are back in town - this road trip put us a little further back in the standings than I'd prefer. These pictures made me happy, though...

"I have a great smile."
Getty Images - July 23
You might even say he's hot. :)
AP Photo - July 23
So many comments, so little blog... (ha, like that's ever been a problem!)
AP Photo - July 23
DLowe double! They're getting so competitive with their hits!
AP Photo - July 23
Huggla's heating up! Look at all the grins in there. :)
Getty Images - July 22
I... I don't know what to say, Freddie. I'm glad you got your unibrow fixed?
Getty Images - July 23
These men are very tall. I would like to see one or both of them revisit the T-Roy high five with some of the less-tall men on the team!
AP Photo - July 22
Save 31 for Kimmie, overtaking Kerry Ligtenberg in the Braves record books! There will be more this season - so exciting!
AP Photo - July 22
Beachy looked way more tan and way more beardy on my TV during the ESPN broadcast. Anyone else?
Getty Images - July 24

Bonus, here's an audio interview with Beachy from a couple of days ago: Link


Amy V said...

The Braves v Rockies game was on at the bar I was at with friends in Virginia last week. When they caught me watching instead of talking with them, I pointed out why I was distracted and we all took a moment to watch. Beachy has three new DC fans. Something about an "amazing jaw"... :)

Lauren T. said...

Well? It is. :)