Friday, August 26, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Diamondbacks 8-20-11

Jenna voice: "Really?!"
Oh, we moved up to a higher row. :)

Thank you for sharing your other season ticket again, lovvey. You're great. And thanks for mocking how excited I was that Jonny was on the cover of the gameday program (or as I jokingly affectionately call it, "the menu") by intentionally ripping yours to see my reaction. I appreciate that. ;)

We went early for beepee, of course. It's Saturday! Beautiful weather. Click to enlarge, you know the drill...

JHey in left field! What up!
When I got there, Jenna said JHey and Kimmie had been racing.
Me: Oh! Who won?!
Jenna: ...JHey.
Me: Well! You never know...
Jenna: Lauren.
Me: Yeah, I know. Heh heh.
Don't try to distract me by making your hat all cute. I know what I see.

Now, earlier in the season I saw him walking through the bullpen with a ring in his pocket and didn't say anything because I was hoping - HOPING - he was taking it to someone else. But no. He just filled up his lip. Right here. Now.

PLEASE STOP, ALL OF YOU. YOU CAN GET CANCER. AND DIE. AND YOU WILL GET HOLES IN YOUR LIPS AND GUMS AND YOUR PRETTY TEEF WILL FALL OUT. Do you want to see some of my older relatives? I can show you their mouths. It's not attractive.

Soapbox over for today. I just don't want my Braves to, you know, die. Yes, I know this isn't the riskiest activity they participate in; it's just a safe one to discuss in public forum. ;)

(Talking out of the other side of my mouth, I think it's kinda cute that he used Jonny's. Or I think it's funny that he used Jonny's and doesn't keep his own in his own back pocket. Is he afraid it would ruin the view? I do gripe that the ring ruins a lot of my Jonny pictures, haha.)

Wish this was in focus!
Ah, this one is :)
And so's this. Heyyy Alison & Molly.
DLowe wants to make sure you see this sign.
All these men, yelling for a ball. Just stop. Let the kids have a go.
Nice shades, Mike. :)
How much time do you think they spend working out their upper backs and shoulders? Probably none. It's probably just there, naturally. They just woke up like that and were like, hey! I should be a pro athlete. Yep.
Aww, someone go keep O company...
I babysit a toddler who makes this exact face when he wants a cookie.
It's adorable.
This is almost such a cute picture.
I have to take pictures in another direction now.
"Hey Huddy, want some of my blow pop?"
(Braves Love Facebook)
"Think we can get the day off to go to that?"
"Man, what's the matter with you?"
*wait, something happened...*
I'll bet Meds would go with them. :)
Huddy caught a fly ball awkwardly; it knocked his glove off. He was fine.
These guys kinda got tired of BP and started strolling in - no joke.
BP wasn't over!
Pay attention, boys!
You're fine. ;)

Okay, since at the time I didn't care much about any of the Dbacks (now Aaron Hill is a Dback and I like him! awesome) we didn't watch Dbacks BP. We went shopped and talked to some people and got some food... you know, the usual. Here are some pics and videos from the actual game...

BMac got a prize!

Bourn and Freddie five some of the bullpen men
more shakes
Are they intentionally not embarrassing the rookies this year?
Look at the kids already lined up in the corner near the 'pen, hoping.
His face and arm look very thin.
Lookit. Thin.
That rosin bag doesn't seem to mind.
I suppose most girls wouldn't, either. ;)
You know who I bet could tell some great stories, but I don't think he ever would? The bullpen catcher, Alan Butts. Really. There's no telling what he's seen and heard. :)
DLowe's such a good cheerleader. He rally-clapped the length of the dugout. :)
Doesn't the Dbacks pitcher kinda look like Joe Blanton? He was socks up, too.
LOLNate, giving Chipper I Love You Fingers after Chip drove in Bourn!
iPhone wallpaper, anyone? ;)
I feel like I've been neglecting you today, Rossy. It's not intentional!
Love it when Roger's obviously just telling a funny story.
Michael Bourn made a sick catch. Oh wait! There's gotta be video...

Yes. Gorgeous. I love Beachy applauding. When they replayed it on the jumbotron, the bullpen was still applauding...

It really was that good.
Great job!

Got video of Cristhian's intro, too - have I posted it here before? I really like it. Oh well, here it is...

Uggla homer, awkward forearm bash prep
And Freddie goes back-to-back!
Huggla's ready for his smoochhug. :)
Graphic on Braves Vision read: "Braves are 25-11 when Ross starts." :)
Oh yeah, another dumb fan streaked the field. This one was just wearing a Gary Sheffield jersey, not a wedding dress. If you're gonna do it, do it right. ;)
Linebrink. I really wish more fans would cheer when he comes in.
good game, good game
brave swin
on a roll!
I'm usually packing up to leave as soon as I get shots of the final scoreboard and the player of the game, but I saw someone swinging two gloves and some Socks without one and I laughed to Jenna, "That has to be O messing with JV again."
Of course it was. ❤

Full album here. Good times!


Lisa said...

Man... all that and I can't believe you didn't even mention that Klesko was there... (sniff, sniff)... I was there too it was a good game. The person that ran onto the field was only 15... he is a cousin of a friend of mine...

Lauren T. said...

Ah, as you can see I put these pics up almost a week late and since I didn't get any pics of him, I forgot he was there. I did see him, though!

Did you see if that kid got tased? It totally looked like he did - he went face down and lay completely motionless until it was time to walk off the field. I also saw a security guard swinging something similarly shaped. Jenna said she didn't think he did, but I was just gathering information. :)