Monday, August 29, 2011

Mmm, steak...

So Huggla had a little charity thing tonight at Morton's here in Atlanta, and if I'd had $250 (each) this is where my dad would have spent his birthday. :) 

Read more about the event here:

And please, let's discuss some of these pictures Morton's ATL tweeted, because they are amazing.

Owly Images
Click here to see the giant full sized image

As I drove home from my parents' tonight, Alison and I briefly discussed this picture. I had a few comments from seeing the tiny pic on my phone, but seeing the picture full-sized on my computer... oh. I have more.

1. Beachy. Are you wearing shoulder pads? It looks like you are. Nice big Golden Girls shoulder pads.

2. Jonny looks like Superman, chest all bustin' out of his apron. I love it. He also looks super-tall.

3. Scotty Linebrink kinda has Teen Wolf hair, but he can still bring me a steak. Thanks.

4. Kimmie... a white Polo? Really? If that thing is spotless tonight when you take it off, I'll be shocked.

5. Freddie's sky-high hair is beautiful.

6. Uggla is just hot. He knows. Lookit.

7. "Hi! I'm back here too! I'm not short! I'm very strong! I shave my head; I'M NOT BALD!!"

8. Oh, we'll discuss Marteen in a second...

9. Heeeyyyy Mac. Black shirt. Good idea. Beard looks nice. Will you please stop bic'ing your head? Love, Lauren.

Owly Images
Click here to see the giant full-sized pic

This is going down in history as one of the best Braves Smiles in the HISTORY of Braves Smiles. Exactly how many drinkies did they have before they started serving? ;) Maybe none, and that's just how happy Marteen was to help! He seems like a happy helpy guy.

More here... especially this one. :) Hope Mr. Uggla shares some good pics soon! These pictures are just too fantastic.

ETA: More pictures from Buckhead Patch. These are awesome -- make sure you take a look at how wonderful all our guys are. :)


flbravesgirl said...

I love a man who looks good in an apron. :-) Very nice, boys!

Lauren T. said...

Don't they all look nice? Alison was giving me a hard time by getting distracted by Superman there and not drooling over Shoulder Pads behind him, but this morning I realized what it is... Beachy kinda looks like Hugh Jackman in the picture.

Now I'm hearing Beachy singing show tunes, hosting an awards show. ;)