Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Venters and Kimbrel were on Intentional Talk!

This is one of my favorite shows on TV, and I love that two of my fave Braves were on there together for an interview on 8/30/11. It's always fun to see players bashing on each other a little bit. :)

Um, before we watch the video, can I just tell you how extremely excited I was that one of my tweets was on the ticker?! Look! :) :)

Ignore Millar's serial killer eyes. He was just mid-blink. He seems cool.

OK. Here's the interview. I loved it so much. I loved how Kimmie was posing and Jonny was just being Jonny and I swear, my brain was on overload with what huge chatterboxes they were being!

That last question, who has the bigger female fan base? Hmm. Now it's not really a secret that Jonny's my current fave Brave, right? Right. And I might have a little blog here, and go to some games, and say hey to some blog readers at events and things, but my views do not represent the views of all fans. I can't begin to tell you how many requests I get in person for more Kimmiepics, but here's what I can do... I can show you the Google searches that led to the blog for each of these guys. Since July was the last full calendar month I chose July, randomly.

The number at the beginning is the number of times that exact phrase was typed into Google. There were two searches of their names together: "venters kimbrel" and "will venters overtake kimbrell as closer 7.27.11"

Here we go. (Jonny, I'm sorry.)

4 - jonny venters wife
2 - johnny venters intro song
1 - deer jonny
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1 - hunter pence on jonny venters circus
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1 - jonny venters hair
1 - jonny venters intro
1 - jonny venters photos
1 - jonny venters walk up song
1 - jonny venters walkout song
16 total searches on Jonny

18 - braves love craig kimbrel
10 - craig kimbrel shirtless
8 - craig kimbrel girlfriend
6 - know your braves craig kimbrel
4 - craig kimbrel
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1 - craig kimbrall at publix
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1 - craig kimbrel's signature
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0 - know your braves craig
106 total searches on Craig

Everybody loves Sweet Cheeks. Dang. ;)


Stacey Farr said...

Please don't make me decide. Both are AWESOME :)

Lauren T. said...

See, they are! The O'Ventbrel twitter account replied last night with this tweet, and you know what? Most female fans don't pick a favorite based on how he makes her fantasy baseball team perform. Such a boy response, and totally not the point. We do love these guys (and O too!) because they're great at what they do - that's often what grabs our attention in the beginning. But we stick with them because we find reasons to keep watching. :)