Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pam saw the Braves in Chicago! Oh, and her Cubs. ;)


I got tagged in a photo on Facebook. When I clicked on the notification, and it was that picture above, I actually said "Wow," out loud. In Marteen voice. This is a nice picture.

See, I knew my girl Pam was going to the game Monday (August 22). Her friend Silvia got them some bleacher tickets, and even though she's as much a Cubs fan as I am a Braves fan, I think I've converted her to some of my Braves Love. You may have seen some of her tweets from BP this day (I retweeted quite a few!) -- she loves Huddy and Beachy and she knows quite a bit about our Braves batteries thanks to me. :D

"You'd better take pictures!" I told her. Oh, she was on it. Want to see them? Of course you do. That's why you're here, right? ❤ Captions are her originals; my comments, if any, will be in italics. Click to enlarge if you'd like...

She called him Kimmie! Love.
scruff. and love the name sewn in his glove :)
Me too - I've never gotten a pic of it in BP. Thanks, hon. :)
hello. hello hellooooo.
oh my.
I'm not linking to another pic of Huddy that had 18 exclamation points. ;)
O getting in my Huddy shot lol
never complain about getting a shot of those eyes, girl! :)
huddy ♥
I commented that I don't remember ever seeing Kimmie with shades...
yup yup
that's her favorite :)
i love when huddy wears his hat like this lol
I love it when anyone does, ha
looking kinda Jason Aldean in the face, yeah?
i know. i know.
O running
I commented: "Without his hat." She replied, "He did it on purpose."
Of course he did. Oh hey Linebrink. I like it when they race.
O ♥
those eyes
I had some comments on this particular picture that I should probably keep off the public internets. The dip can though...sad face.
legit bromance lol
see that?
oh that's pretty.
Love that my little friend's nickname for him is catching on nationwide.
Also. Heyyy Rossy.
cubs ♥
guess I should throw in one of the ones of her boys, haha
bullpen lol
Vizzy warming up! Hey Eddie!
socks up!

Thanks so much for taking pics of our boys, Pam. I love that there are more Braves than Cubs in your album. Now, when are you coming here? Soon, yes? Tell Dumpster I heart him! Love you thank you!!

Everyone say thanks to Pam, and follow her on Twitter - @PRod85!

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