Thursday, August 25, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Giants 8-18-11

BP Experience! Oh hey boys. What's up.

So a friend gave me four passes to the BP experience and I shared with Jenna (who shared her spare season ticket with me, thanks hon!), my cousin Catherine, and Alison. It was Uggla bobblehead day and pretty much all Catherine wanted was to meet Mr. Uggla. Alison was hoping to say hey to her fave Martin, and Jenna was hoping to have Tommy Hanson sign that ridiculously adorable pink Tommy ball from a few weeks ago. Who did I want to see? I learned a long time ago that when you go in with low expectations, you don't get disappointed. I was happy with the Braves we got to speak with.

Rossy came over immediately. "I usually do autographs after BP, but let's bang it out early." Heh heh. We love Rossy. Oh yeah, I didn't bring anything for autographs - can we have a picture instead?

Yay, this is better than last time, in the crazy freezy wind. Still love the beard.
The sun was a beast; Rossy is hotter than he looks in these pics.
Catherine accidentally called him "sir" and I gasped, "don't call him sir!"
His reaction was pretty classic. :)
With Alison's fantastic highlights. ;)
He's a very sociable Brave.
He talks to everyone. Coaches, other players, fans, doesn't matter.
They had the pitching machine out while a few guys worked on bunting.

He came over a few other times during the BP experience, asking us questions, asking who came over to talk to us, and my favorite part was when he tried to get us to tell him who our favorites were. "Besides me, who's the hottest. Obviously I'm the hottest, but besides me..."

Three of us just looked at him for a second. My cousin started answering him, and we looked at her like, girl. Do you not think he'll turn right around and tell everyone what we say? But she was smart in her response ("the only one who's been on my computer wallpaper besides you in the last year is Kimmie"). He kept asking us, and I had three trains of thought going at the same time...

1. No. Not answering that.
2. The real answers, obviously.
3. That I wanted to be a little snarky and start listing coaches.

You never know if that kind of joke would go over well, so I just answered, "You." Rossy: "No, besides me." I just shook my head. Do you want a list? We can make a list. (He is pretty high on it. The singing and the sense of the humor and the awesome launches him way up.)

If Alex had made it around to our section of fence, I would have told him his shoes are my favorite. I seriously love his cleats, with the white toes? They're the best on the team.
Hey Chipper.

Chipper was funny. The baseballs were flying awfully fast and close to our face, so as he backed up and it seriously felt taunting (in a fun way), I said, "I trust you, Chipper..." It was in a normal volume and cadence, but he was close enough to hear me and I swear Uggla started throwing the ball faster. We chatted a little, and I turned on the video function on my camera. I don't know if he knew I was taking this, but you can see his sense of humor. (I wasn't talking, but you can hear the other girls and the security guard to my left... and Marteen at the end.) ;)

"Wow... wow..." Hahaha, love Marteen.

Stretch, Marteen. :)
Pose, DLowe. :) (Wish we'd met him!)
JHey was mic'ed up for Intentional Talk! I heard Marteen talking into the mic on MLB Network! SO COOL! I love IT.
Mac and coaches. He didn't say hi.
Gonzo grin!
Chipper and Huggla talk to Pat the Bat and Not SocksUP Cody Ross
Freddie & Rossy
More fraternizing

Uggla started signing autographs down the line, which turned into mostly signing his bobblehead. I suppose I could have had him sign his bobblehead box, but 1. I like pictures better than autographs, and 2. if he was going to sign it, I'd want him to actually sign the body, not the box. Maybe sign his arm or something. :D Well, there wasn't time to get the bobblehead out of the box, so pictures! Pictures are fine. :)

This buff guy had a seriously great vintage Braves tee.
It looked actual vintage, not "vintage".
He has very nice eyes in person. I look horrible. Bleh. We learned from my first pic with Rossy this was a bad angle, with the sun - why didn't we remember?
IIRC, Uggla is in Catherine's top 3 Braves. :)
Too cute!
With Jenna!
Wait, Jenna! Do we not have a pic of you with Rossy? How did that happen?
Alison showing us how it's done with #Huggla. :D

Earlier, Marteen had rolled a ball under the fence in our direction. We all watched it roll until Alison picked it up. :) I mean, really. If Tommy Hanson rolled a ball, we all would have watched it until Jenna picked it up. Same for one of Catherine's boys or my fave boys - I would hope my friends would do that, you know...

Anyway. Marteen came over and started signing some autographs down the line. When he walked over he saw the ball in Alison's hand, and when I asked for a picture he was more than accommodating. Now...all my friends will tell you I have a pretty expressive face and Alison calls me an instigator. I prefer to see it more as being an typical oldest child and helping my friends whenever possible... oh, and I have some fun with it too. Heh heh. So this picture, I like it.

Lauren: ["helping"]
Marteen: ["replying"]
Lauren: I know, right?!
My favorite part of this picture might be the lady in the background, who's staring them down like, "Hey. I want a snugglepic with that amazing Venezuelan!" I wonder if she got one?
The guys never stand up straight with Jenna. It makes me sad. :D
Maybe we can get DLowe to do it one day! MAYBE SALUTING. That would be incredibly hilarious.
I wanted a picture with my second-favorite Ross in MLB. He did not look on the people behind the fence with a friendly face. *sigh*

The BP experience was more fun with more people, I'd say. Last time it was just Jenna and I, this time there were four of us and we had an amazing time. Jenna got a ball from Bobby Dews and Catherine got a ball too! I didn't get one, but I'm happy with my pictures and I'm so glad my friends had a good time.

Now let's go find Molly and her friend Cori, who were watching BP from our usual spot in the outfield!

Marteen threw Molly a ball too! AAAH, how cute are they!
sharing funny stories :)
I'm souvenir-less and fake-frowning.
Catherine took this picture. "LARN! SMILE!"
Me: "Just take the picture!"
Catherine: "SMILE!"
Me: "Will you just take the picture?!"

BTW, Molly got not just one, but TWO Marteen balls. She may have dropped the first one. Her story is even funnier when she tells it herself at 1am, and now you'll see why we're friends...
[01:31] Lauren: do you want me to tell your story? That you dropped the ball? All I said is that Marteen threw you a ball too :) :)
[01:31] Molly: oh the hair in this one is soooo awful
[01:31] Molly: why did half my hair come back with my bangs? (ETA: Girl, my hair is bad in most of the photos I put up here. You look way cute!)
[01:31] Molly: haha you can say I dropped it
[01:32] Molly: I mean, I'm not proud of my slow reflexes and lack of coordination but it makes it funnier
[01:34] Lauren: hee hee
[01:34] Lauren: ok, tell me what to write
[01:35] Lauren: because I kinda remember the story but it's been a week and I've had a lot of headaches, literally
[01:35] Molly: hmmm ok
[01:35] Molly: well...
[01:35] Molly: we were in the 2 tier of seats
[01:36] Lauren: the terrace?
[01:36] Lauren: in the shade?
[01:36] Molly: everyone in the lower section was screaming and waving their arms and I was staring at Marteen thinking "maybe he'll look up here"
[01:36] Molly: yes
[01:36] Molly: the terrace 
[01:36] Molly: and he did, except he threw a ball to a guy with a kid
[01:37] Lauren: of course ;)
[01:37] Molly: so I kind of shrugged my shoulders, put my hands in the air and made a "what about me?" face
[01:37] Molly: so then he kind of gave me the head nod
[01:37] Molly: and the next ball he got, he looked up, made eye contact (well I'm assuming so bc he had his shades on) and tossed the ball up to me
[01:38] Molly: well I'm a soccer player and not good with my hands
[01:38] Molly: so of course it sailed straight through my hands and into the row of seats behind me
[01:39] Molly: as I turned to hop the seats this old man who I would guess to be about 70 jumped up with the nimbleness and agility of a 25 year old and beat me to it
[01:39] Lauren: stupid men and balls at the park
[01:39] Molly: I smiled and looked at him like "Oh hey there sweet old man, can I have that ball? He threw it to me but I missed it" 
[01:40] Molly: and he smiled devilishly and looked at me like "Sorry, stupid girl its mine now!" I could see the maniacal laugh in his eyes
[01:40] Molly: anyway everyone in the crowd did the disappointed "oooo" sound bc I dropped it
[01:40] Molly: EMBARASSING!
[01:40] Molly: then the next time Martin got a ball he pointed to me again
[01:40] Molly: ok, redemption time
[01:41] Molly: expect this time I clasped too early and the ball dropped in front of me
[01:41] Molly: again I tried to mad scramble for it but someone else got it
[01:41] Molly: luckily this time it was a nice man from Orlando who laughed and me and said I still deserved to have it
[01:41] Molly: thanks stranger from Orlando!!
[01:42] Molly: Once again I got the disappointed "oooo" from the crowd and Martin smirked and shook his head in a "I tried" kind of way
[01:42] Molly: then people came by and pointed and had a little fun at my expense
[01:43] Lauren: :)
[01:43] Molly: but whatever! I got my ball. Even if I did further the stereotype of the nonathletic girl at the ball park 
[01:43] Molly: I bet I could juggle it with my feet though ;)
[01:43] Molly: ok, that's long
[01:43] Molly: so condense it however you feel

Or, just share the whole thing because I love you and you're hilarious. Grown men scrambling for baseballs at the ballpark... *sigh* A couple of weeks ago my brother and I were playing catch with a ball at our parents' house, and I said, "wait a second, this is a Braves ball..." He goes, "Yeah, it's the Alex Gonzalez homer." (He didn't fight for it, though. If you recall, someone traded it for a Pujols BP homer he caught in the air.)

And then we watched some warmups, and then we watched the game. :)

Hey catchers
Kung Fu Panda trying to get a tee from the Tomahawk Team girls!
They ignored him, and this was his response...
bahaha, poor Pablo.
Field view. Hey camera guys, I totally peek in your monitors to see who you're looking at. I laugh when it's mostly girls. :D
Mr. Huff
Bourn on third
*refraining from a 'girls playing baseball' joke*
Homer Chipper
Love DLowe's special seat
If he was on America's Next Top Model, they would rip him a new one at panel because his right leg is "amputated" in the picture. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with this picture. :D
See? He has a right leg. He's fine.
1. Rossy's hat. Love.
2. Did you remember Nate's still on the team? My brother forgot.
Cute fan signs :)
Ske was on deck but didn't come up to bat. ...You could say the same thing about the BP Experience. Grinned a lot, never said hi. Boo. We like him.
I always wonder how long it takes to get the rosin off...if ever.

Seriously. Mark DeRosa is in my Top 5 Former Braves Lovvies... he ranks right behind Murph, Glav, and Javy. What would happen when he faced my current favorite Brave?!!

Seriously? This wasn't even a contest, baseball-wise.
Jonny wins. :)
And now, it's Kimmietime.
Game over.
(hee hee)
Braves Win!
Okay, I heart babymikeminor and all, but Chipper hit the homer that was the only run of the game. For either team. How was he not the player of the game?

Full Album here, 120 pics. Did I leave anything out that should be shared with the public, ladies? ;)


MollyG said...

I don't believe you forgot anything. What a fun game! It was fun sitting by the bullpen and watching the boys try not to be bored. I especially loved all the Bromance love going on at this point!/MollyKlovesUA/status/104335113998974977

They've still got a ways to go before they're anywhere close to competing with the love fest that is Freddie and Uggla though. Kisses! They are kissing each other! And I absolutely love it :)

Lauren T. said...

YES, I did mean to share your huggy hugs picture. It's beautiful. ❤

Validation said...

You forgot how we made you deaf screaming for kimmie!

Lauren T. said...

THAT IS TRUE. It was in both my ears, volume at Spinal Tap 11. No wait, louder than that.

I asked the Clubhouse Store if they had Kimbrel shirts last week. The lady told me "We used to have some, but they sold out pretty quick. We haven't gotten any more. You might be able to find some real big ones on the clearance rack." ...Nope. Clearance rack only had former Braves and All-Star Prado shirts. (Y'all need to buy those up. Seriously.)

I don't understand why the store doesn't have shirts for all our players. We shouldn't have to custom-order shirts for guys who play every day.