Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Postseason Commercial (and more...)

Just saw this commercial for the first time. I LOVE IT.

Had you seen it on TV yet? :)

More things I enjoyed today, whether they're good news or just information fans like to know...

  • I found it odd that this blip in the AJC on Medlen's return...doesn't interview Meds at all. Quotes from Jonny! Not Meds. Strange.
  • Speaking of Jonny, this MLB article says he works best when tired. But how tired is too tired? I just don't want him to end up with an arm or shoulder surgery next year. Or worse, burn out.
  • And speaking of surgeries, poor Moylo. He just can't catch a break this year. Hope he doesn't miss too much time next year. MLB article ~ AJC article
  • Glad to hear Huddy's better after a trip to the hospital last night to treat his dehydration issues. He and my brother are about the same size, built the same way, and my bro will go through two big powerade bottles just watching a Braves game - I can't imagine if he was playing. The slimmer guys just don't have a lot of water weight to lose.
This had me concerned.
AP Photo - September 23

Some people have asked if I'm "worried" my Braves won't make it to the postseason. No, I'm not worried. They lost today so they can clinch at home and we can all cheer for them in the Ted, right? Right. ;)

Stay healthy, Braves! ❤


Kimberly said...

Oooh. I am so jealous (maybe that's the right word?). I only EVER see the Phillies version of this commercial. Its not like I don't live in Braves country, I live smack dab in the middle of the A. Sheesh! But, absolutely delighted you shared this with us! <3

And yes, you are ABSOLUTELY right! They're going to put on a show for us to remember. Kick some butt Bravos!

Lauren T. said...

Oh, I've seen the Phillies version about a million times (and I have an Atlanta street address!). This was during yesterday's Intentional Talk, so it was on a national broadcast on MLB Network. I like that. :)