Thursday, September 22, 2011

Have you picked up today's USA TODAY yet?

Possibly the least flattering pic of these three (together) I've ever seen. :/
That said, nice popeye forearms, Jonny!

I love that three of my fave Braves are getting so much media attention. This article in USA TODAY is pretty great - I'm glad the article's full text is online for those of you who won't have access to the paper (and the pictures!) today.
While a back ailment sidelined O'Flaherty for the Braves' four-game Division Series loss to the San Francisco Giants last year, Venters and Kimbrel got a taste of it; Kimbrel gave up one hit, struck out seven and didn't walk a batter. Venters delivered 5⅓ scoreless innings.

"That atmosphere these guys pitched in last year in San Francisco— you can't duplicate that," manager Fredi Gonzalez says.

Ross, however, says the 2011 season has come close.

"Five runs for us is like 10 runs for most teams. So these kids pitch one out, up one run a lot. They're tested. We've played enough close games that they're ready to go for it."

Oh, they're getting so popular. :) ❤

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