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Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Mets 9-17-11

Love the new cleats - best shoes on the team, VZ boys!

I entered a photo from a recent game in a contest and it won, so I went to this game courtesy Infinite Energy. Thanks, gas company! We had a great time. :) My cousin Catherine was the photographer, so obviously she had to come... and Alison was front and center giggling over her Marteenball, so of course she got a ticket too. Ticket #3 was offered to Molly (the other adorable girl in the pic!) but she had family plans and couldn't drive over for the game. Completely devastated, I offered the ticket to Tammy -- SJ's mom, who I thought would be a fun addition.

...I forgot that Tammy hoots at the boys. And I accidentally gave her a large, unfolded fan, and she used it as a megaphone.

Looking back, it's kind of hilarious. In the moment - all day - it was mortifying. Well, at least O was amused...

Did I mention she was loud? She was loud. She has her own cheers, too...
Crazy lady. ;) ❤

Okay, so we all went early for BP (of course) and stayed late for the Styx concert. Here are some pictures, click to enlarge, and there are about a million pics in the album because full sun + new camera = best time to test it out, right? Right.

Raise your hand if you don't like SocksUp Beachy.
That's what I thought. ;)
Come back sooooon, JJ!
This is his Stallone pose.
Hi Jonny. Yes, my friend hooted at you. Thanks for waving at her.
I love it when they play keep-away from Kimmie. hee hee
Telling secrets?
Hats off!
Tommy's hair flowed as he ran like a lion's mane. A giant red lion's mane.
I always say "bye boys" when they run in, but Tammy yelled it in the megaphone so they could hear it today. *sigh*

While we were upstairs to take Tammy through the 755 Club (she'd never been) and get Alison her favorite dinner (pasta in the club level), I realized my wallet wasn't in my bag. 99% sure it was in my car's back seat (and the car was parked in an official lot for once), I wasn't going to go to the car to check on it, but Catherine insisted. As some of you know, I have fibromyalgia and sometimes I can't walk very well. It's fun. ;) Catherine offered to go to the car for me: "You're just going to worry about it and you're not going to enjoy the game," and the other girls agreed and each offered to walk with her. I have great friends and family. :) I tried to protest, but seriously, Catherine had her mind made up.

Well, she and Alison went to the car, the wallet was in the back seat, and in a stroke of bad luck, somehow the keys got locked in the trunk. It took the supposed on-site AAA service TWO HOURS to get there, and the girls missed the first half of the game. I felt horrible. :( :( :( So sorry my perpetual bad luck rubbed off on you girls!

Let's go back to positive things, yes? Tammy and I saw our friend Allison M. outside the gates and got to say hi to her for a second, and a super-nice/helpful Braves employee named Connor entertained us for a little while and told me where to go to inquire about AAA. And look at what Tammy found... it's a BMac ball, the boy version of Jenna's Tommyball!

So cute. There's a JHey ball, too.
great cut
Sometimes I forget MattE's a Brave again and I get super-excited to see him in the cage or on the rail. It wasn't the same without MattE!
There are a lot more pics like this in the full album.
WHY do I keep accidentally getting pictures of them with their hands in their pants. Does it really happen that often?! This is one of the more family-appropriate ones.
For SJ :)
Happy birthday, Pam!
(There are about a zillion pics of Huddy in the album. He pitched a great one.)
Mike looks fast just standing there, doesn't he?
Freddie flipping a ball to a fan
Heyyy Molly!
He looks like a model for the trophies they hand out in Little League!
Too, too pretty.
It was fan appreciation weekend, and they gave away prizes to random seat locations. I wonder what would happen if no one was in the seat?
I get a lot of crap for praising baseball players on other teams, but I don't care. R.A. Dickey is awesome in his own way, and just look how he finishes a pitch. That is a perfect fielding position. He's not falling off the mound from exertion or landing unevenly. He's square with the plate, ready to field.
The sun was pretty bright for a little while.
For Laura
119 is a good place to sit. Great view of the game.
pitchers :)
The Gonzalezes were sure Alex touched the bag.
They didn't convince the umpire.
Stop distracting me, cute pitchers! There is a baseball game going on!
The Mets have pink backpacks. Our bullpen boys never did that this year.
Oooh, keeping comments to self on this one. (Enlarge and you'll see.)
Put this on the FB - JJ! You're looking the wrong way! :D
Tommy's hair and beard don't look the same color here. They looked closer when he was running in BP. I haven't checked it out up close. :D (Don't plan on it, either, heh heh. That's Jenna's boy. She can, and let me know. Ha!)
Beardy Rossy did NOT spend enough time on our end of the rail.
Sent this to Michelle last night, prompting a jokey exchange...
Me: Your boyfriend is so bald. :)
Michelle: You do realize yours is too, right? And younger? ;)
Me: Really though, I love how smashy they are. Cuddle a little closer, boys!
I have a lot of friends who love Marteen.
There's a fair amount of #14 pics in the album too. :)
Game-winning hit, thank you sir.
Heh heh
Close it out, doll!
I get a lot of accusations - almost entirely from men - that my blog is "all about butts" or "baseball pants" or whatever you want to call it. Might as well give 'em what they want, right?
Hug! High/middle five!
Oh yeah, they could definitely hear Tammy's hooting. *sigh*

Oh, one other thing from the game... lesson learned: when I zoom out the new camera it doesn't automatically refocus.

Next: Postgame Styx concert. They didn't play the only Styx song I know (Mr. Roboto) but the show wasn't bad. Apparently this song is/was popular:

I recognized the chorus but...yeah, didn't sing along. Sorry, rock fans. There are some pics in the album for you!

Final score: 1-0 Braves!

Full Album! Thanks again, Infinite Energy, and thanks for coming with, ladies! :)

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