Saturday, September 10, 2011

The David Ross Show: Peter Moylan, Part 2

Video Permalink ~ Interview, Part 1

1. Twitter is fun. I can't imagine keeping up with the @s he gets, though. My ratio of nice people to jerks/spam is equal -- they like what I have to say or they think I should be tougher on the guys, hate that I cheer for this or that player, or assume I know nothing about baseball because I choose to publicly talk about the lighter side more often. Whatever. It's a game. I gain nothing from being hateful.

2. Okay Moylo, the old teef weren't that bad. But the new teef are nice. :)

3. Why can I still see so much of your sliding shorts. :D

4. Of course he wants to strike out Chipper. What Braves pitcher since 1995 wouldn't?

again, thanks to the anon Meebo-er for reminding me I hadn't put this video up. I had seen it and totally thought I already posted it. Sorry, lovvies! Y'all know I heart these two. 

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