Sunday, September 11, 2011

A dozen things to make you smile

I am firmly in denial that the season is winding down. It can't be. Really, it can't.

Here. Read, look, listen. These made me feel better and maybe they'll help you too. :)

From today's game: Video: Hinske Robs Holliday


On his catch to rob Holliday of a home run

“I haven’t played the outfield for a while. I actually did it right – I looked back to see where the wall was, then I looked back to see the ball, jumped, and my glove was over the wall. I mean, that’s the first time I’ve ever robbed a home run, for sure.”

On his leap and catch

“I’m a big athlete. You can’t teach it.” [smiling]

Beachy sets Braves rookie strikeout record

Catching up with MLB Network Radio, here are a million Braves to listen to...

EO on 9.7.11 (I love that O dislikes the O'Ventbrel nickname. I've never cared for that.)

Kimmie on 9.5.11

MattE on 9.1.11

Dale Murphy on 8.29.11

Kimmie on 8.22.11

MikeMinor on 8.18.11

Marteen on 8.16.11

Chipper on 8.7.11

Jonny on 8.7.11 (I may have posted this one before - I stopped listening to the Braves interviews at this point because this interview sounded familiar. Hmm. Sorry if it's a duplicate.)

And completely irrelevant to anything Braves-y -- but blog-relevant! -- I exchanged my new camera for the other camera I was considering. My brother was going to play golf with a co-worker yesterday, and he called me...

Brother: Hey Sis, want to come watch me play golf?
Me: Do I want to come watch you play golf.
Brother: Yeah! You can drive the cart!!

*sigh* Well, 1. I didn't have anything better to do, haha, 2. I did want to test out the new camera, 3, it was beautiful weather!, and 4. I joked with him that he didn't ask me if I wanted to play. "Oh! I didn't think about that. Do you want to putt some?" ...Thanks, Brother. :) (It was really fine and a lot of fun -- just the way he asked was hilarious.)

He found his lost ball in the rough.
(Yes, he wore his basketball shoes to play golf. I have no idea where his golf shoes are, but at least he's wearing the nice Polo I gave him.) :)

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