Monday, September 12, 2011

Emily and her fam went to the Daddy Daughter game!

September 3 was the Braves' Father-Daughter Game! While my father and I went last year, he had plans this year and we couldn't go together, so I just went to the game as planned after Field Day. My ex-step-cousins attended this game, Emily with her dad and Ammon with his daughter. Emily gave me permission to share a few of her pictures, so here they are! Thanks, Emily!

Mike Minor
Great view of JHey from their seats!
She also loves Freddie :)
She bought his shirsey!
Oooh, time for the good pics. :D
I love the composition of this one.
Yep, get warm!
My favorite socks!
Hee hee, Eddie's face!
Why do people yell when they're busy? I don't understand.
Such pretty color and lighting here.
I'm just flipping chronologically through her album. Shocker, more #5! haha

Thanks again for sharing, Emily! :)

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