Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saturday's autograph sessions: Beachy, Kimbrel, Teheran

Took this tonight, messed with it in Picasa a little. Hee hee, Beachy.

One of my Twitter followers (@MonstaRUST) asked if I was going to get autographs from these guys on Saturday. I hadn't heard about the signing, so he was awesome and sent me the info:
September 17th 2011 at 10:00 [a.m.] FCB will welcome two special guests into it’s doors for a public autograph session. Atlanta Brave closer Craig Kimbrel, and rookie starter Brandon Beachy will be on hand to sign your items in the store. JSA will also be on hand with their witnessed protection program to issue certificates for those who wish to add the extra service.

The autograph tickets be $15 for Brandon Beachy and $25 for Craig Kimbrel for any item. JSA Certificates are $10 per signature. A “The Works” combo pack that includes 1 Kimbrel ticket, 1 Beachy ticket and 2 JSA tickets can also be purchased at a discounted rate of $50. Please note that these are ADVANCE rates and prices for day of the signing tickets can be found by hitting the “learn more” button below. We will also have plenty of blank baseballs, jerseys, 8x10s, mini helmets and other items at reasonable prices for you to get signed. The store address is 9850 Nesbit Ferry Rd Suite 21, Alpharetta GA 30023. You may call (770) 993-6955 ‎ with any questions.

Here's the link to their forum with the pre-pay Paypal link. That was a great sentence. You know what I mean! :) Also, Lovvies!!

Thank you, FCB! 

Very cool! I doubt I'll go - I've already gotten Kimmie's & Beachy's autographs this season and don't have anything special for either of them to sign (aside from, you know, a million gameday pics, but it would take them about 30 seconds of googling themselves to see them all here if they were curious to see them). (Aaaaand I don't have that kind of money right now. All my game tickets have been gifts lately.)

There's also a Teheran autograph signing at the CNN Center on Saturday morning. Don't go late! Learned my lesson with Schafer. ;)


Pat Hatt said...

The braves you say? I like them most of the day, unless they come up against a Blue Jay, then I might cheer another way..haha. Very interesting how you shout them out.

Lauren T. said...

You know, if they ever get bored and google themselves and find this blog, I hope they'd be amused. It's all in fun. :)