Thursday, September 8, 2011

Must Buy: This week's Sports Illustrated

Photo by Pouya Dianat / @bravesphoto

Look at that photo. Just look. The part of my heart set aside for Braves Love wants to divebombhugattack right this second, the way the 14-month-old I watch does to my chest every time I walk in his door. ...Except these guys are all too big -- I couldn't hit all of them at once. Hmm, this is a dilemma. :D 

(Well, not really. Heh heh.)

Seriously, though, going to pick up the mag today, if it's available. Pouya says:

 Pouya Dianat Pick up a copy of SI this week (LSU/Oregon on the cover) and read a great story by  on O'Ventbrel

PS - I'm not in love with that nickname - I mean, it's not the worst possible, but I wonder what they think about it. I've never been a fan of the celeb couple monikers, though.

ETA: Get your own, bebeh...

ETAA: Article text from the SI Vault


flbravesgirl said...

Oooo! Fabulous pic by Pouya!

Lauren T. said...

Isn't that gorgeous? I'd love to have seen that live.