Sunday, October 2, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Phillies 9-28-11

last day

My pictures from this game, they are not great. I had a cold, and when I polled my friends and Twitter followers, I asked if I should go to BP anyway or wait till my brother got off work, so he could come to my place and drive us? ONE person said I should skip BP and rest. Everyone else told me to go. (I love my friends.)

Well, this was my 50th game of the's not like I've never been to BP before... and we're totally going to the playoffs. I was confident. (And felt crappy.) So I waited for Brother and he decided to take the worst backroad route ever. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes to get to the stadium in traffic, and it took us an hour and 20. I live ITP! How does this happen?! It wasn't helping things.

But then we got in the stadium and all my stadium friends were so huggy, and I felt a little better. The Phillies were still doing BP and my brother asked who that was who kept looking up. I told him that's Cliff Lee and joked, "He knows I love his sweepy lashes so he's covering them up with those awful cataract surgery sunglasses." Brother: "How can you tell where he's looking?" Me: "That's the point of the hater blockers, Kev. So no one can't tell."

I have spent my whole life explaining things like this to him... jokes, too. He's so serious. :)

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I did get...

Why are shortstops always bffs?

Oh yeah. My tickets were nosebleeds (yay, free BravesCountryClub tix) but as Brother, Alison, and I were talking to our friends by the bullpen, we got waved down and were told to sit. So we sat. :) I mean, it's an entertaining place to sit and I love it there, but we had to move a couple of times and as I mentioned before - my pictures aren't that great. *shrug* What are you gonna do. ;)

Gas South made some HUGE donations to local charities. So nice. :)
Make sure you enlarge this one and look at the faces. I love them, and I wish this was more clear.
Nice, Meds.
Kimmie waving at everyone cheering for him.
Goooo Huddy!
This guy and his awesome intro song can go away now.
Never liked him. His bloop hit didn't help anything.
Socks UP, Joe Blanton! My fave Phillies FABF. :D
No grimacing, Huddy! ...Wait, what am I saying. It's the end of the season. They're probably all grimacing, on or off the field. Poor tired boys.
Game was going pretty well. This guy...this guy right here? Eric O'Flaherty lowered his ERA to 0.98. That's the lowest reliever ERA (with 75+ IP) since 1900. Amazeballs.
I want them to stand back-to-back. :)
My new phone wallpaper. What can I say, I like some Socks Up!
I also like how he was pants down the day before and socks up for the last game.
It's just not the same when he wears long pants.
You're welcome to hit Utley like your friend did the other day.
No one would mind. Promise. (Well, except maybe Utley...)
The Braves gave out 25,000 foam tomahawks. I guess that's a good way to try to make us do the Chop? I think the only times I chopped this season were to show a kid how to do it or imitating DLowe's special chop. (I think it's overdone, frankly. SOMEONE WALKED IN THE FOURTH INNING! START THE CHOP CHANT! ...No.)
(Irrelevant: I love the TV show "Chopped".)
I will always cheer for our relievers running in. Go, Kimmeh!
Pete Orr!! I was just lamenting I hadn't seen him all series.
I was looking over at the dugout, squinting a little.
Brother: What's going on?
Me: Nothing, just trying to see who's sitting on the cooler.
Brother: I can't tell...
Me: Oh! I can use the super stalker zoom on this camera!
Me: ALISON. Look at Gonzo sitting in DLowe's spot!
Alison: AAAAH!
(It was Larry Parrish on the cooler, if you can't see.)
SHUTTING IT DOWN, Kris Medlen. He was incredible.
*pat pat*
I like Anthony. I'll be interested to see where he is next year.
Me: Look at that WHIP!
Brother: What's WHIP, again?
Me: ...You were a pitcher.
The last at-bat of the year
This picture has a soundtrack.

See the losing pitcher there? I defended him to EVERYONE, telling people they need to support their team. I made jokes that the only people who clapped / cheered when he came in were his wife and I, haha. In the end, I still believe our bullpen was super-strong this year and it had an incredible amount of talent. We'll see what next year brings.
Bye boys. Heart.
I appreciate the sentiment.

Full album only has 51 pictures.

I still can't believe our 2011 season is over, but that's another story for another post. This year has been one of my favorite years ever. I love my team. ❤

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