Monday, October 31, 2011

Kimmie's Infinite Energy commercial

I'm on a little vacation in NYC (I've put some fun things on Twitter, you may have noticed), visiting my favorite gay BFF and having an awesome time. Fun place to visit, but I can't imagine living here. I did see a guy in an A hat on the subway!

Anyway, last night as all the boys were watching Dexter (which I'd never seen, but it was pretty good!) I got my laptop out and this video was in my inbox. I'd seen the pics of the shoot on their website and was expecting...well, here's what I sent to CABravesFan last night:

  • 11 hours ago
    Lauren T.

  • 10 hours ago
    • Probably not as bad as you imagine. It's not quite as cheesy as it could be. And Kimmie's EYES!! OMG KIMMIE'S EYES!!!

I magically have sound again on my laptop this morning so I was able to watch it, and she's right - it really isn't bad. And he does look way cute. :)

Time to go do some stuff before watching the Halloween parade in the Village tonight! Exciting!!

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