Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello November

I hate November. It's just bleak. No Braves, no Hawks this year, everyone's gearing up for Christmas when it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I just went to New York for a Big Gay Halloween (thanks to a fabulous friend of mine), and while that was so fun, coming back to the harsh realities of NOVEMBER suck. Here are some things that have happened lately...

You can vote in the GIBBY (Greatness in Baseball Yearly) Awards. Through December 4, vote here as often as you can for the following Braves:

  • Rookie - Freddie Freeman
  • Closer - Craig Kimbrel
  • Setup Man - Eric O'Flaherty and Jonny Venters are both nominated. How to choose?! I guess if I was going straight by the stats I'd have to vote EO, but I want my Jonny to win everything always. :(
  • Must-C Walkoff - The 19th inning winning "hit" by Scott Proctor. I loved that game.
  • Must-C Fan Moment - Great catch by a Braves fan!

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Hinske's back next year! Nate is not. 2011 Braves who filed for free agency: Alex Gonzalez, Scott Linebrink, Nate McLouth, George Sherrill, and Jack Wilson. I would like Gonzo and FABF George Sherrill to return for 2012. I'm glad Ske is "excited" to stay with the Braves. :)

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I forgot my camera! Yay for camera phones.

While in NYC, I talked my friend into going to the MLB Fan Cave! You can't see much from the outside and they don't allow fans inside, but we did see Mike O'Hara walking in. On the side of the building there's a touchscreen that allows you to take a picture and email it to yourself. So here we were on Halloween afternoon!

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