Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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The Braves will almost certainly not tender Peter Moylan a contract by Monday. But Wren said he has already had discussions with Moylan's agent, Adam Katz, about the possibility of the Australian reliever returning once he begins throwing and proves that his surgically repaired right shoulder is sound.

Moylan made just seven appearances this year before he needed to undergo back surgery to repair a ruptured disc. After he returned to the Atlanta bullpen in September, he made just six more appearances before needing to undergo shoulder surgery.

While Moylan is hoping to be ready to pitch early next season, there is certainly a chance he could miss much of the season's first half.

"There's still some unknown about his health status," Wren said. "We probably won't know more until he starts throwing and we get deeper into the rehab process."
Okay. I get it. He's had 3 back surgeries. He's had Tommy John. He just had his shoulder zapped. Wren is 100% business-minded (which is why I have never wanted to be a baseball exec) and he might see a health liability there for a 30-something reliever.

From a fan perspective... if you're a fan and you want Moylo off the team, I don't think we can be friends anymore. There's more than on-field contributions to take into account. He's great with the fans, the rest of the players talk about how fun he is in the clubhouse, and honestly, he's a good pitcher. The negatives don't outweigh the positives, in my opinion.

I understand wanting to pay him less, considering he earned $2MM in 2011 while appearing in only 13 games. 8.1 innings. That's $246,913.58 per inning, or $153,846.15 per appearance. For regular people, that's a lot of money. I'd like to make $153K per appearance at work. ;)

So, here are Lauren's Hopes Regarding the Situation:
  • I hope Moylo recovers and is stronger than ever. 
  • I hope he never needs another surgery.
  • I hope, if the Braves do non-tender him, they bring him back as soon as possible.
  • I hope he's okay with taking a smaller salary to stay a Brave.

I don't think I can take many more Winter Meetings talks. They're not fun for me at all. (Yes, I unfollowed everyone on Twitter who is shouting we should trade Jonny Venters.)

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Awesome. Prove them wrong.

Random PS -- I get a lot of searches for "Braves Love Tumblr". It's not called Braves Love, for one thing. It's called Love My Bravos. It's just a silly thing. I'd also like to pimp our new Tumblr, Maxamillion Milkshake. It's mostly pictures of my cousin's dog being awesome in our apartment.


CABravesFan said...

I love Peter and his Awesome Aussie Accent and I bet he would take less money to stay with the Braves and I'm sure the team and his agent already have something in the works to get done at some point in the not to distant future, providing, of course, that Peter and his Awesome Aussie Accent are ready to pitch at some point this season, and I have no doubt that they will be and anyone that suggests we trade Jonny OR MAC are stupid and don't deserve to hava any friends. That is all.

Lauren T. said...

That is the best long sentence I've read today. :D

CABravesFan said...

That would be a fun name for a band. Peter and His Awesome Aussie Accent. I get 10% :)

Ariana said...

What?! They have to keep Moylo...the accent...the tattoos...come on :)