Friday, December 9, 2011

New Bullpen Guy! Yay!

Zimbio ~ ST 2011
Won't lie, I'd only heard Robert Fish's name. I don't know anything about him. But I looked him up, and hey! He's cute! With Sherrill gone, will he be the new bullpen FABF? (Will he be in our Atlanta 'pen or will he be in Gwinnett?)

MLB article ~ AJC article

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More links from this week...
  • John Rocker Still Trying to Clear Name ~ *sigh*

  • Beachy Gives Back ~ Granted, I'm fighting a cold and skimmed this right before a nap, but I'm not really sure how he's currently giving back? I thought this was going to be a charity article.

  • Planning on being in New York in January? You can have dinner with Craig Kimbrel and other 2011 major award winners at the BBWAA dinner... for a cool $225 per seat. If one has the money, it would really be awesome to see Kimmie officially accept his ROY award. :)

  • Bowman's Blog ~ Nate talks about his time in Atlanta.

  • ~ Awesome Q&A with Fredi during the Winter Meetings. I hate that "fans" give him such a hard time, online and in person. If they could do it better, why don't they have his job? ;)

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amanda said...

I did not know Nate was back with the pirates. I'm sure he'll do better there, no pressure and all. Bye Blondie, you will not be missed (by me. Or anyone. probably).