Sunday, April 17, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 4-14-11

Hello beautiful field! I love you.
I've had four doses of migraine meds in the last 24 hours and I'm three gameday posts behind if you count yesterday's doubleheader as two games, so please forgive me if I don't remember a lot of details. I'm trying, lovvies! :)

Game attendees: Alison and I were joined by her awesome friends John and Eric after the game started, but I wasn't working on Thursday so we went to BP (of course). Here are some pictures!

I love that Fredi is out in the field with the players during BP.
Hi, I play left field now, and I am kind of awesome at it.
Sometimes the captions write themselves
I should really move around more during BP. What was going on over there? ...But every time I go over there, they just stand still and are boring. ;)
And the shadows come in earlier on this side. It's good for my skin. ;)
Prado & Fredi
They were running!
The Braves Try Club! hahaha
Kimmeh with seeds, not dip. Approve.
Moylo batted some balls back into the infield. He had pretty good aim!
"Okay, I'm done now."
Hi. How's our closer today?
JJ with New Javy!
New Javy played 1B with Gaby Sanchez during BP!

Good grief, is that enough beepee photos? Let's move on to warmups and the game, okay? We were sitting in Bernie's section (to the RF side of the bullpen) for this game, and since no one was there we could move down lower than our actual seats. Since Alison has the much nicer camera I usually tell her to pick a good spot for her photos and I'll just sit wherever's good for her -- I don't really care, as long as I can see! (Sitting behind a foul pole? Bad. 437? Bad. "General admission", no seat at all? Bad.)

Anyway. This was fine. Bernie's a sweetie, we made friends with the drunk girl in front of us -- who was so tipsy she was tugging my shirt! awful! haha -- and her coworker / maybeboyfriend? They kept us entertained but she would Not Stop Yelling into the bullpen, much to Bernie's chagrin. It was seriously hilarious, but poor Bernie. We don't want him to get in trouble. And some of those bullpen boys probably felt harassed! Well, the ones who stayed out on the bench. ;)

We also hung with Brandon Bond for a couple of innings. He appeared in the section and sat with us for a bit, gave devil horns to kids with a Christian poster who got on the jumbotron ("Go God!") and chatted tattoos with all the random people around who recognized him. It was fun to see the people who seemed genuinely afraid of him vs the people who were just like, oh, heavily tattooed guy in all black talking to... that Chinese girl? and that girl that looks like a baby doll in the face? Wait a second... :D

OK, more pics, yes? Y'all probably don't read my text anyway.

"Lean wit it, rock wit it" (thanks, A)
I don't think this was in the packet I took to the autograph signing, but if I snag a pic like this, I often DO take them to those things. (This one, too blurry.)
The lighting is nice at this time of day
Sport continuous captures of Beachy's throwing motion
Mac returning the ball
I'm sure you smell fine, Mac. ;)
Omar vs Beachy
Hi Mike Stanton
A little JHey for Molly
Former Brave Mike Dunn
Is anything actually touching the ground here? It kinda looks like a deer running. CHIPPER. DO NOT SHOOT HIM.
Kimmeh! who has...
His own closer intro now! Blue-gray smoke. It's awesome.
I'll bet he's my friend B's height.
Braves did not win. We'll get 'em next time, boys!

Full album here. Doubleheader post up next!

~ Alison's corresponding post ~


MollyG said...

Ok, so I’ve told you this before but I love you and this blog! Who else can I count on to give me sassy pics of Marteen, funny stories from BP, and “dirty” pics of JHey? ;)

1)I love that Fredi is in the field and throwing BP. I don’t think anyone could have been a better transition from Bobby. Miss Bobby so much but Fredi makes missing Bobby much easier.

2) “Sometimes the captions write themselves.” Yes they most certainly do.

3) So happy to see Kimmeh with seeds. Dip is so gross. Soo gross. I get its an addiction but soooo gross.

4) New Javy and Omar! We miss you! Sure Uggla is great and all but I still hate the disbandment of the Venezuelan troupe. I’m glad Marteen got to see his friend for a few days. We need more Venezuelans.

5) I heart your camera for its sports continuous capture feature.

6) Maybe Jonny should wear an orange hat so Mr. Buck Commander doesn’t put an arrow through him.

That’s more than enough from me. Thanks for sharing!

Lauren T. said...

Molly, you're awesome. Thanks for being a great sounding board for me when I have blogger's block and I'm trying to stay sane. These gameday posts seem to take forever sometimes! ♥

(Also, I agree with all your points.) ;)

CABravesFan said...

I didn't really look at Beachy stretching...too busy looking at Mac ;)

(and I swear I studied that continuous action shot of him forEVER...<3 it!!)

I just got an image of JONNY's head mounted over Chipper's fireplace in Texas- sorry but it is making me giggle (and maybe the head is talking and looking around. I'm weird. I know)


Lauren T. said...

You've really gotta fix your autocorrect so it stops screaming JV's name. AND THAT IS A DISTURBING IMAGE. There are children here!! :D

Have fun at the game today!

CABravesFan said...

That only happens on my phone :D But it amuses me and I've gotten so used to seeing it that way...

(and admit it- the idea of a mounted talking Jonny head makes you giggle a bit too. And smile :D )

Lauren T. said...

No! Creepy! I like him the way he is! (Well, not the dip. Bubble gum is fine.) :)