Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 All-Star Game Wrap Up

First, and most importantly, Braves Win!! Um, I mean, the National League won 5-1 and all four Braves All-Stars in Arizona got in the game! Exciting!! Cousinroomie and I had a great party and between family, my usual Braves friends and his friends, we ended up having to split into two rooms, which was so much fun. I ended up in the small room, and somehow it ended up being full of the people who usually come to games with me, so we ended up cheering really loudly in here - while the other room was full of dudes eating and drinking and staring at the TV.

We may have clapped and cheered excessively when our Braves were introduced. The youngest girl in the room asked to rewind.

We did. And cheered again. :D

[sarcastic voice from other room] "They can totally hear you." 1. Not the point, we're having fun. 2. Nothing wrong with supporting our favorite players. 3. By the 7th inning, when that crowd had thinned out and we were still having fun, a guy came to the door: "Do y'all want to come in here? There are plenty of seats out here now." Hee hee. Sure, I'll come watch Kimmie & Jonny dominate on the TV that's 3 times as big. No problem.

So let's start the links and pics with some pregame stuff...

Jonny Venters / Shane Victorino parade truck
July 12 - Getty Images

The only Brave *I* saw in the televised parade was a split-second, back/side view of Jonny, who was sharing a truck with... get this... Shane Victorino. (Not my favorite Phillie.) If you enlarge the pic above you can see Mrs. V's long dark hair a little, so I'm glad the boys weren't all alone in the truck like Mac was last year.

Oh. ...I wrote this expecting to be able to find more pictures of boys in trucks. I don't see them? Am I checking too early? I want to see if Mac's wearing that same shirt as always! Want to see JJ's fam, and if they made Kimmie share a truck too! COME ON, PHOTOGS! If you find any, let us know? :) Guess we have to move on to the actual game...

Did you miss Brian Wilson reading the NL Lineup? Here you go:

(In case that disappears, here's the MLB link)

JJ's curly curls talk about... baseball, I guess. Heh.: Video Link

JJ with MLB Network Radio
via Facebook

Jair Jurrjens, Braves All Star SP talked about his phenomenal first half on MLB Network Radio: Audio Link

actual caption on website reads: "CORRECTS ID OF PLAYER AT RIGHT TO BRIAN MCCANN, INSTEAD OF ANDREW MCCUTCHEN - National League's Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds, Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals and Brian McCann of the Atlanta Braves, from left, chat during batting practice for the MLB All-Star baseball game Tuesday, July 12, 2011, in Phoenix.
AP Photo

I'm sorry... did someone confuse BRIAN MCCANN and ANDREW MCCUTCHEN?!! HAHAHAHA
Yadi's so cute. :)
Getty Images
One of my friends says BMac's beard looks "too fat". I don't know; I like it.
Getty Images
Getty Images

NL Starters Introductions: Video Link

NL Reserves Introductions: Video Link

July 12 - Getty Images

Joey Bats robs Brian McCann: Video Link

Mac gets him back, tagging him out at the plate: Video Link

There's our six-time All-Star!
Getty Images
Part of me wishes our All-Stars could keep the stars on the back of their jerseys, but would that be rubbing it in the faces of the guys who didn't make it? :(
Getty Images
Lots of pics of JJ's pitching lips! #1
AP Photo
Lips #2
Getty Images
Lips #3
Getty Images
Lips #4, circle change!
Getty Images
Nice, Tulo
Getty Images
Gorgeous shot of our closer
(mislabeled by Getty Images)
(also, that's a lot of necklaces)
Getty Images
Now Kimmeh warmed up in the Smurf Blue Nikes but wore his black shoes in the game... can't say I blame him there. :D Those things were weird. Fascinating, but weird. Did anyone wear them during the game?
AP Photo
Getty Images
"I must destroy you."
AP Photo
Four pitches. A groundout and a strikeout. Now do you know who I am, MLB?
Getty Images
Getty Images

JJ's 1.2 innings of relief: Video Link

Kimbrel induces a ground ball to end his inning: Video Link

Jonny's two outs (watch on full-screen to see what Jacoby mouthed, if you missed it): Video Link

Drunk Justin Timberlake: Video Link (irrelevant but hilarious)

Braves All-Stars Craig Kimbrel and Jonny Venters talked about the National League's victory on the All-Star Postgame Show with Casey Stern on MLB Network Radio: Audio Link

Braves quotes after the win: AJC Link

You ok after Bautista slid into you?

“Yeah. Just got me on top of the foot.”

Which foot?

“The right foot. You want me to make a big deal about it. [Laughs]. I will.”

AJC game recap

AJC: Venters clan does not fear the beard

MLB: Trio of hurlers help lock down NL win


Jessica said...

I think Lee may have worn the smurf shoes...I vaguely remember seeing them during the game.

MollyG said...

Way to go All Stars!!! Love all the pics of JJ and his adorable laughy voice