Thursday, July 14, 2011

2011 Halfway Point Sillies

We're at the supposed midpoint of the season (even though technically, we've completed over half the games for 2011... whatever, it's break time), and I always enjoy seeing what Google says brought y'all here. Everything below is from April 1 going forward...

Top 10 Searches

1. braves love
2. martin prado interview
3. braveslove
4. jeff francoeur wedding (still? seriously?!)
5. dan uggla at-bat music 2011
6. braves love blogspot
7. tommy hanson mlb network
8. ron gant divorce
10. jordan schafer shirtless (ahahahaha)

Obviously, I get a lot of searches about the intro music, gameday pictures, gossip, and questions about Significant Others. Unless there's a public article written about the families, I don't usually write anything about them. Sure, I see the ladies and kids at the park occasionally. They're cute. :) They have nice things. But this isn't a gossip blog - never has been. Let's focus on the Braves, ok? Part of the boys' job is being in the spotlight. Some embrace it, have good humor. We like those guys.

So! Aside from individual names, and the walkup songs (which, seriously, get a TON of searches), here are some phrases that got more searches than I expected to see...

33 people searched for baseball 101 braveslove
22 people searched for how tall is jerome jurenovich
17 people searched for brian mccann shirtless
15 people searched for braves love craig kimbrel

And here are some of the more odd ones...

2011 atlanta braves ladies only baseball 101 - No word yet. (Sorry, not odd, just needed to actually answer this somewhere.) (OK, now irregulars...)

atlanta braves brohawk - After Braves Live did their special, the guys seemed to start growing them out and now the same amount of guys are doing beards, right? (Not necessarily the same guys... not everyone can grow a beard! Nor should they try.)

atlanta braves dip bubble gum - Yeah, some of them combine their chewing tobacco and their bubble gum. Gross.

big pictures of brandon beachy - I have larger versions of any I post here. Just email me and I can send them to you (of any player I've edited for the blog).

black guy sings for atlanta braves "god bless america singer" - His name is Timothy Miller, he's with the Atlanta Opera, and he's awesome.

bobby cox lookalike - Do you want a picture of my grandfather? Because they do look alike.

+"brandon beachy" +"long arms" - I guess? He's not short. Are his arms especially long?

braveslove hello kitty - Seriously. If we ever get a non-lame backpack, I do hope it'll be something cute. I would also approve of anything cartoon from the 80s, anything with 3D pieces, or anything with sparkles. :)

braveslove shakin - There is no proof of this.

braves loce / braveslov / other misspellings - Still got so many of you here. Wow.

brian mccann milk - This is a real thing!!

brian mccann personal life - Three of you. Stop being weird. Stop searching for "[player] personal life", period. Why are you doing this?

buy mac pillows - I don't know what this means. You want to purchase Apple pillows? You want to buy pillows for Brian McCann? You want to buy pillows used by BMac? That's weird. I can't think of any situation where this isn't weird.

catcher david ross love stories - Yes, we love Rossy.

chipper jones struggles with chewing - I shouldn't have laughed at this. We're all getting older. ;)

cool song they play at braves game - smh

craig kimbrel cute - Fact.

craig kimbrel shirtless - Hee. He's so popular.

craig kimbrel's toes - Wait. What?

does brian mccann have a tattoo - Have never seen one. Next time I see the tattoo artist I'll ask if he knows. :D

does martin prado speak english? - Yes!

drunk girl at braves game - How is this singular? ;)

eric o'flaherty cute - FACT.

erik henski - Oh come on. His last name is on the back of his jersey; it's not that difficult.

hamels angry about shirtless picture - Wrong team, and MAN y'all are obsessed with shirtless pictures. And other nude pictures. :/

"know your braves" david ross - It was cute. I miss those.

hot braves wives/ girlfriend - Pretty much exclusively. :)

i graduated highschool in 2003, why do i feel old - 1. How did this lead you to a Braves blog? 2. You may need to see a doctor. You are not old.

i hung out with jeff ridgway 2008 - Good for you.

i likes a braves - Me too, Borat!

jeremy affeldt grape juice - Again, wrong team, but I did adore that clip. :)

jonny venters dodgers falling down swing - :)

jonny venters socks - :) :) :)

last song played at braves stadium tonight - What was the date? This search came up more than once.

love him or hate him, that's just manny being manny - Truth.

martin prado is my homeboy t shirt - If they sold this, seems like I know a TON of people who would buy them.

mccanns burger - There are several of these stands at the Ted, and they make you a fresh hamburger with real meat - not mystery meat - and they are really good burgers. They have replaced hot dogs as my non-pizza dinner of choice. Unless I get a pretzel. Or chicken fingers.

nate mclouth is cute - I'm sure his wife thinks so. Highlights are not my style. :)

peter moylan teeth - YESSS.

peter moylan very likeable - Why yes, he is!

photos of the female major league baseball atlanta braves fans of 2011 - Is this a photo contest, or are they just trolling for girls?

pictures of jonny venters batting in game - Yes, I would like to see this too?

printablepicsofbrianmccann - Almost all my gameday pics are printable. Just click to enlarge, and please don't forget where you got them. ;)

shirtless atlanta braves - Our guys don't do a lot of that.

what is the name of the cute braves player - Do you want my opinion? I can give you a list...

why does tnt play for peter moylan - Because he likes it?

why dont the braves wear warmup jackets? - It's summer. In Georgia. Today's heat index got up to 107 at my place (in Atlanta), and it's hotter on the field than it is out on the street. I don't think anyone needs a jacket.

wilkinramirez miscellaneous items of interest 2011 - Send me a list and I'll be happy to share them. We don't know much about this guy.

+will you get to meet players if you sit in the suntrust club at turner field - I've seen Rossy talk to people sitting there occasionally, but they might be people he knows... and he comes off as kind of a chatty guy? Everyone else is there to Do Work.

Good? OK. Y'all are strange. I love you. :)


MollyG said...

Of all things you could google about Kimbrel why toes?

Lauren T. said...

Seriously! But I won't lie, it made me curious. Are they nice? Does he have an odd number? What do these people know that we don't?

My curiosity is a curse sometimes. :D