Friday, September 16, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 9-12-11

Sir, you are standing very close considering I'm the ONLY person in the terrace level. Why. Are you afraid I'll get hit by a homer up here? I can catch. :)

Susan wanted to come to Monday's game. I reminded her how I feel about coming to the first game back from a road trip (HI. WELCOME HOME. I AM GOING TO TAKE PICTURES OF YOU NOW SO PEOPLE WILL ENJOY YOU ON THE INTERNET.). It's just odd sometimes, especially when I have to go to beepee alone -- and I ended up doing it two days in a row! But she talked me into it, and she did get to Braves BP before it was over (and helped me with something for a little bit after the Braves ran in -- she's great!).

Alison and her friend Tasos met up with us later, and somehow the four of us ended up sitting by the bullpen again instead of in our real seats. I mean, I will never complain about sitting there... y'all know I love my bullpen boys! The real seats were good, though. Looking back, we probably should have gone over there. Hmm.

Anyway. :) Let's look at some pictures, yes? Yes. This was my first game with the new new camera, so there was a lot of messing with settings and figuring out how it all works, but I got some decent shots. I really wish my focus was better on a few hilarious things... you'll see... :D

Look at all our brown pitchers. I know some girls who would have loved to hang out with this foursome!
Socks UP, Antoan Richardson!
Brooks & Marteen
Why's our lefty starter all alone out there? Aww.
Okay, how does this look like his bottom is pointing at me but his entire body isn't? What a funny picture.
Tommy's glove mid-air! And wow, JC's necklace is shiny.
Kimmie's is shiny too!
I mean, really shiny.
Aaah, Jonny & JC being cute!

Time out. Eddie and EO are RACING. I tried taking pictures but they were so superfast, my camera couldn't capture them. ;) So I tried out the video function on my new camera... this was about their 6th sprint, so they weren't as quick this go-round. Doesn't matter. It's great.

And sometime while I was trying to capture this moment for y'all -- and tweeting about it, because I love love love it when the guys race -- this happened.

That's JV wearing JC's necklace.
Either I'm easily entertained or this really is hilarious. (Maybe both.)
Go ahead, try to tuck it in your shirt - you can't hide that level of bling. :D
I love Kimmie's amused face.
Cristhian's laughing at something - not the necklace.
Oh, and relevant to nothing, Randall Delgado was also born in 1990. 1990.
That water bottle was doing its best to escape. :D
Oddly enough, I had the exact same size and brand water bottle in my bag, but I didn't get it out because 1. I wasn't thirsty, and 2. I didn't want to look like a copycat. ;)  Oh, and 3. It wouldn't fit in my back pocket... 
Glove five! Wish this was clearer. :)
Fraternizing with Mike Dunn
The same airplane banners fly over every day, guys. Every. Day. Do you want GEICO insurance or to get in the Cheetah free with your ticket stub? It's probably one of those... ;)
More fraternizing - JJ and New Javy!
Gaby and Cristhian?! Who would have guessed these two were friends? :)
And of course, Marteen & Omar
Some kids on the field got autographs from Braves.
JHey gets so many fans in RF!
He's always great about acknowledging the cheers
And acknowledging the Man Upstairs :)
Most of my pics of Beachy didn't come out as well as I'd hoped.
This one's not bad, for the distance.
Bonafacio grinned at fans and chatted with our bullpen Monday and Tuesday. I like it when the competing right fielders engage with our team.
His split was wider - this was on his way up!
Is he calling for time out? Regardless, he does this with his arms a lot - noticed?
(via IM Thursday night)
gonzo is being a boss 
Vizzy was our first pitcher out of the 'pen. Some of my friends don't like that nickname - if you have a better suggestion let me know! I like this kid, and I love his intro song.
Mike Dunn got to pitch!
(via IM Thursday night)
Alison: and I love omar forever
Yeah, how could you not? Oh, I guess if you "watch" the game via box scores. Those people aggravate me. Stats aren't the end-all-be-all of enjoying baseball.
They don't hurt, certainly. Here's the league-leading ERA, y'all.
Socks UP! :)
An extra-deep breath
Welcome to the Jungle
Rossy's going to be a great manager one day.
The man's back is clearly fine. Did you see the play he made?

I like the man in the top left corner, taking pictures. While editing these I laughed that he was taking pics of Rossy's know, because people NEVER do that at sporting events. :D
Susan was playing with the new camera's insane zoom.
I promise to only use this power for good, never evil. :)
Anthony! ...He doesn't have a nickname yet. We'll see if he gets one.
Cristhian! I like how few of these guys are touching the ground.
Make sure you enlarge this and look at Constanza's eyes! hahaha
body language mirroring :)
Not a win.

That's okay, we'd get the next two. Here's the full album -- sorry this was so long! Hope you enjoyed it -- I know I had a good day. :)