Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 9-13-11

Catherine's new wallpaper ;)

Wish I had some great stories from this game, but I think the only thing that happened that y'all will find amusing is that I got caught taking pictures again. This time by Eddie, who saw me taking pics of Jonny as he ran in and was warming up... Alison was like, "Hey..." and I looked over there and Eddie was grinning. Hi Eddie. Have you not seen me taking pics of everyone as they ran in? Ooookay, I'm maybe taking more right this second, but you can't tell! ...Can you?

I had a reader tell me this week, "I'm always amused when you get caught looking or talking or picturing the boys. :D" "Picturing" totally doesn't sound right, but you know what she means! ;) Yes, go ahead, laugh at me. That's fine. :D

Here are some more pics from the game... click to enlarge if you want, enjoy!

Not sure what Kimmie's doing here, but I approve of Jonny's pose and Beachy's Socks UP! :)
DLowe is very tall.
Freddie! Zoom's pretty decent from the outfield, right Laura?
What's that, Brooksy?
Bye, Blurry Mac! Didn't even see you over there!!
Look at our supermodels. ❤
Yeah, you too. :)
I think he sat like this for most of BP.
Oh hey Rossy
JJ says *muah*
I do love some socks up.
Bobby Dews & Carlos Tosca
Wrestling is always approved :)
Catherine: "The shadow's really cool. Macho man shadow."
Heyyy New Javy!
Mike Stanton, interacting with fans
Someone borrowed my camera; she knows I don't usually take pics in the bullpen from this range. :D I think someone else saw the camera, haha!
Slightly different than the height differences in the previous post. ;)
Mac's about to hit a homer and I TOTALLY CALLED IT. :D
Now if this was clear we could see whether or not it was AWESOME. ;)
I need to get better at this picture thing.
Vizzy is younger than Delgado, according to MLB. Hmm.
That is a bad haircut, Omar. Come on, now.
Watching Jonny warm up
7-1 win!

Full album. :)

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